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  1. J


    will take a look!
  2. J


    dont have a site yet
  3. J


    Hi resurrecting this post i need the above requirements for a church CNLucas hasnt been online for ages so i dont have an account set up any offers?
  4. J


    haha yay sure! i have my own domain ;)
  5. J


    I am looking for a host with Cpanel11 + Fantastico if possible. This site will be a blog for our church and have a picture gallery + some videos. if possible. 500mb space 5gb bw cpanel + fantastico own domain hosting no ads no posting will place a link or a small banner banner to the...
  6. J

    Reseller account please

    umm how long do u think it'll b..? im gonna go overseas in several hours just getting ready if its gonna tkae more than 2 days can u set it up thanks :)
  7. J

    Reseller account please

    ahhh np
  8. J

    Does any one know what happened to kwix-host.com?

    i dunno ive been trying to access it for the last several hours.. its just been screwed..
  9. J

    Need Good Hosting For Video Files

    lol y dont you just youtube..?
  10. J

    Selling a IPB License

    if you need to i can take you through the steps
  11. J

    Reseller account please

    yes i have used whm a little played around with it and size.... just any size will do a couple of gigs if u can?
  12. J

    Cheap Dedicated Server $60 or less

    woah galaxy solutions soo cheap i might order a server from there thanks!
  13. J

    Reseller account please

    Hi im looking for a reseller account which is stable and wont disappear o.O i am willing to put your ads on every page of my pages. i just want a small one to start me off thanks in advanced :)
  14. J

    Im really in doubt please help

    i think google sometimes does that as they think the advertisers "think" that they have been doing something against the TOS
  15. J

    How much do u earn from AdSense?

    hmm i thought on the adsense tos that we werent meant to tell anyone our earnings to anyone =/
  16. J

    Need Hosting

    i can give you your needs all u need to do is just put ads instead of posting. PM me for details if u want
  17. J

    $1.41 for one click!!!!!

    my friend got $40 then got banned :O
  18. J

    What specs does your computer have?

    P4 3.0Ghz 256mb Nvidia FX series 1024 ram 160 gigs hd
  19. J

    Established Forum - Hosting

    i can give u exactly what u want if u want it just PM me for more details and i will set up ur account within 24 hours :)
  20. J

    need host for new community

    i can do this if u want please just PM me and i will set it up :)