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    PHP Includes question

    Actually, I found what I was looking for... I'll show you how I did it. so the url to a link on there would be: or whatever, I don't think the extension matters. But the layout would be the index.php page and I would just put that code into the content section. And each content page would be...
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    PHP Includes question

    So what would the url to a specific page be then?
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    PHP Includes question

    I have been taking a long break from the web design world, and I'm anxious to come back, but there is just something I can't quite remember. When I used to make web pages I used to use PHP to keep my navigation the same throughout every page. I've tried googling it to refresh my memory, but...
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    what is worth learning?

    I used to create web pages years ago and I am quite fluent in HTML and I am pretty good at Photoshop as far as creating layouts. I haven't really gotten much experience in Flash, but anyways, I have been out of the designing loop for a while and I was wondering what new things are worth learning...
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    Free host for tutorial website

    Good point. I was just thinking about if I would need it for any CGI scripts that are currently still around, but now that I think about it, PHP has pretty much dominated over CGI. So I'll go ahead and remove CGI from the list.
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    Free host for tutorial website

    I need a free host for a tutorial website I am planning on making. The things I would need would include: No Ads Domain Support PHP, MySQL FTP I don't really need a lot of space or bandwidth. I do plan to have tutorial videos for every plain text tutorial I do have, but I can use YouTube for...
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    What should I upgrade?

    Yeah I thought about buying a new motherboard and new ram and such. Then throwing my old motherboard and processor and ram into an old Intel Pentium computer case I have from ages ago, Replacing the power supply with a better one and selling it to a friend or something. I'm hearing that Core 2...
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    What should I upgrade?

    Yeah, I knew I would have to upgrade the motherboard too. My motherboard does support the Socket 939 Athlon X2 processor, but they tend to be very expensive and hard to find now. The RAM is also pretty expensive, some where around 60 dollars per gb. If I upgraded I would have to get new RAM also...
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    DVD Formats???

    I'm a bit confused as to whether the question has been answered. I am also a bit confused as to what the author is trying to do. SO i'll tell you things you can do. If you have a single file, say an AVI video file, you can use Super DVD Creator and it will convert and burn the file to a...
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    Boot Disk Failure, Can't boot to windows XP :(

    Or you can look up something called: The Ultimate Boot cd. use the partition tools in the cd to find your XP drive and set it as primary again. :-)
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    What should I upgrade?

    Hey everyone, I've been wanting to make my computer a little bit better and I've been thinking about upgrading things on it, such as my processor and memory. I decided to ask you guys, what should I upgrade first. I do very little editing, a lot of surfing, a lot of media player, and a lot of...
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    Need Reseller

    Alright, I used to know a lot more about web hosting companies, but I have been out of the loop for a few years now. Heres my request. I need a reseller host. I'd like to have CPanel and WHM (or equivalent) just so I can give my other users a control panel for their hosting accounts. The...