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    Private Sell $5.00US/month 500MB host with 50GB Bandwidth

    What you will get is 500MB Space 50GB Bandwidth PHP Host Upload anything...no limit size no illegal mp3s or Pornography! MySQL included Basically is a File Storage but you can host your website Only $5.00US/month Only 4 Left! Email: alilam@852.net
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    $10US/month 100x100 pixel flying Advertisement!

    $10US/month 150x100 pixel flying Advertisement! Example ads http://www.3listen.com/cdb/ 500+ viewers a day, 100+ new visitors a day! You will see the box flying around and the ppl will see it difinately where they scroll! It will be on every page of the forum! it will be a fixed...
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    Private Sale! 100GB bandwidth 1GB space for only $10/month!

    Are you guys looking for high bandwidth and file storage? Want a small one? how about 1 GB space 100GB Bandwidth PHP supported Mysql supported (Request) FTP login HTTP downloads (available) $9.95US/month you want more smaller than that? okay! 500MB Space 50GB Bandwidth PHP...
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    Large Bandwidth, 500mb+ in space

    Re: Re: Large Bandwidth, 500mb+ in space Yes those are old posts too.....but now is solid coz we have changed the provider!! the old provider is giving me headaches! and their support too
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    is not cheap at all since they are only providing 50MB space!!!!!
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    Large Bandwidth, 500mb+ in space

    I can give you 1GB space and 20GB bandwidth it will cost $US12.95/month for more details please come to http://www.hkolgs.com/plan_hg1000.html Downloading..depends what file is it
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    looking for a paid host

    I dont think so, coz he is asking for 3 domains hosted!
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    100MB Space/1GB bandwidth/US$1 per month/99.98%uptime!

    Now I am offering a good deal! We have measured that we are able to keep at least 99.98% uptime since beginning of January! The deal is $12US/year!!!!! :: 100MB space :: 1GB bandwidth :: PHP 4.2.2 Support :: Perl 5.x :: Server Side Includes :: 5 Subdomains :: FTP :: Ensim Control...
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    Ohhh!!! Darn Mistakes??

    according to that IP Sprint NETBLK-SPRINTBLK (NET-198-67-0-0-1) - NETMAR, INC. FON-3326468096512 (NET-198-69-224-0-1) - so they uses NETMAR dedicated servers
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    looking for hosting for high school

    for school... is it about school? or the school main site? if the school main site, then why dont they get a server in their own school because it will prevent leaking privacy or personal files
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    coool~ look at these http://www.webconflux.com and http://www.inframatrix.com price and layout looks exactly the same~ but which copy whom?
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    Blacked List hosting for me

    but there wernt any specific rules before...around 6 months ago
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    45mb, unlimited bandwidth,US$3

    he has to be hosted in Hong Kong being unstable is has to be at home hosted keeping 30ms to 50ms...then it has to be hosted in i-Advantage or PowernetIX
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    45mb, unlimited bandwidth,US$3

    I pinged him as well and he is probably hosted at home when we get a ping of 30ms then it has to be around us! the max ping is 40ms the min ping is 30ms Average 32ms compare to yours...~ so u find is way difference? let me check more
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    45mb, unlimited bandwidth,US$3

    basically, yes..if fare4web is located in Hong Kong then IT WILL BE VERY SLOW fare4web and is not stable too~
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    Blacked List hosting for me

    dont "baga" me Melbourne boy...kekeke coz I am from Melbourne too...dont you need to save the fire?? owell..Jiffynet.net i joined him once before, they said they will let me put my forum up..okay it has been running the first 4 days..quite good...but then hor hor..server downtime many...
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    Need hosting for this site...

    Yes Jan... I am waiting for the month to be ended~ haha
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    45mb, unlimited bandwidth,US$3

    Can somebody try to ping them? i will ping them using i-cable network when i get home! but they are not good at all~! if you are looking a host...what spec do you want? hosting in USA is safer~
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    45mb, unlimited bandwidth,US$3

    huh huh? it will die if you try to download 9999999999999999GB bandwidth See what they will say...
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    Blacked List hosting for me

    my only blacked list hosting is http://www.jiffynet.net reasons are long~