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    I buy hobby related sites

    Howdy, I'm always in the market to buy nice hobby related websites. I prefer the established ones, with traffic, but don't need them to be making a profit. Even if it loses money I'd consider it. Some examples of sites I own on subjects like coins, trains, state quarters, card models, and...
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    I Buy Hobby-Focused Forums

    Hello, I'm interested in purchasing forums that are on hobby topics. I already own a coin forum a model trains forum and a card model forum. I'm looking to expand. Ideal topics would be such as chess, ship models, remote control airplanes, aviation, matchbox cars, card games, dolls and...
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    need 75 mbs of spacehelp

    Just make it into zip files, with Winzip you can make it into equal size files under 20mb, then people just have to download all the files, and run Winzip to extract.
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    I need ...

    You really should mention the topic of your forum. I browse through here looking for people to offer free hosting to, and I see so many offers where the person doesn't give even an idea what they want hosted. 99% of the time I just don't bother. Then the person wonder why the get no offers...
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    Free hosting for webmastering a simple site

    I have a couple more slots open here.
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    50mb+ WebHosting

    You can fairly easily prevent people from stealing your bandwidth like this. Then, you'd probably find it a whole lot easier to get a free host.
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    reseller plan needed

    There are tons of companies that provide low cost reseller accounts. My advice would be to narrow down your major choices first. Windows or Linux? Which control panel? What your potential market is also will determine who you use, for example, are you going to serve critical sites that will...
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    directory of directories

    I have trouble keeping track of all the hosting directories and forums out there, so I got a guy to put together a directory of directories, and put it up at codir.com and am making it available for anyone else who might have use of it. If you know of a forum, directory, or site that would be...
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    Selling a used VB license cheap!

    Yep, $45 is a silly offer, take it while it's hot.
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    Selling a used VB license cheap!

    Um, did you even read the first sentence in this guy's post? Notice the part where he says "i have a used-leased license".
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    Selling a used VB license cheap!

    That's March 1st, right? How about $15?
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    reseller account needed

    Hi, MicroReseller has two plans for under $20 per month. Level 1 MicroReseller 1 GB Disk Space 10 GB Transfer $12 / Month Level 2 MicroReseller 1.5 GB Disk Space 15 GB Transfer $18 / Month We also do custom plans.
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    Colocation - Who's the best?

    I've only recently started buying servers. Until now, I've just used dedicated servers. My hosting company is at the point now, though, where it makes more sense to own our own servers. So, I know a lot about the dedicated server providers, but am just beginning to know about colo providers...
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    Teeny tiny reseller plans?

    Level 1 MicroReseller 1 GB Disk Space 10 GB Transfer $12 / Month Yes, it includes PHP. We do custom plans as well
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    Colocation - Who's the best?

    Depends on the quality, if it's burstable, and so on. I've seen a wide varity of quotes on bandwidth, so it's a bit confusing for me.
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    Being a Free WebSpace provider

    ROTFLMAO @ this thread. Thanks for the good laughs guys. My hosting co isn't a free hosting co, per se, but I do have a couple boatloads worth of give aways. I treat my free users the same way I treat paying customers. The thing I do differently, though, is how I acquire the free ones...
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    Free hosting for webmastering a simple site

    PM or email me if you want the site url. It's strictly a business-related site, nothing shocking or exciting. Just a site with informational content.
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    Free hosting for webmastering a simple site

    Yes, exactly. We do our support on primarily in our help desk, but also a support forum, you will have full access and your account would not be distinguished from paying customers. In fact, my support staff will not even know that you are not paying. I won't. Actually, having someone...
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    host for my forums HELP PLEASE

    What's the url of your forum? What's the subject? How much bandwidth do you use?
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    Free hosting for webmastering a simple site

    Hello, I run a full service hosting company. I am offering a free account, with all the bells and wistles AND support that you'd expect from a paid hosting account, in exchange for you doing basic webmastering of one of my sites. The site is currently built in Frontpage, so a more skilled...