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    Microsonic Hosting is back!

    you might want to change the name of the banner in your forum =p
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    Sppages.com :: Cpanel - Free php, ftp, mysql & phpbb hosting!

    that's quite a big network you have there, good luck with your services
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    AHBHost.com, Free hosting with cPanel, PHP, mysql and pretty much unlimited Features!

    sounds serious dude..are your problems sorted out already?
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    Hosting for SC Clan Needed

    hi Rianon, may i know why you need so much bandwidth? Are you expecting a big number of visitors every month?
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    Looking for reliable host...

    Thx for choosing us Damien Have fun with your account!
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    Looking for reliable host...

    yea its going to be hard looking for a host even a paid host that would allow you to stream copyrighted mp3s on your website. If however you think you are not going to upload mp3 anympre, please do check our offer. We can offer you this: Disk Space: 75 MB Bandwidth: 500 MB FTP...
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    Need a "Basic" Hosting

    no worries since we are singaporeans, i'll make an exception :-)
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    i would say lots more space and page loading time and performance, a ok amount of bandwidth unless i have a really popular site which would require a good amount of bw.
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    Need a "Basic" Hosting

    hi there Beren, i'm singaporean as well..however my server is not hosted in Singapore. it is hosted in the US. Like what RangerOfFire said, the loading time isnt much of a difference. here's what i can offer you: Disk Space: 75 MB Bandwidth: 500 MB FTP Accounts: 30 Email...
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    free designer

    what kind of designs are you looking for?
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    what are you talking about dude?
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    x10 down!

    wow that's some serious stuff :eek2:
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    x10 down!

    they are up for me bro
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    Free Banner..

    what kind of banners are you looking for?
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    Online designer products

    yea i agree..even if the site builder come with a help menu, few would even use it..they would just start asking tons of questions. if you really are going to come with a site builder, then my suggestion is to have a really good FAQ :-)
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    Free Hosting for an anime site

    why don't you host yourself dude?
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    ! Need Space For Design Site !

    can i take a look at your portfolio?
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    Need reliable host... =)

    Whether you are looking for professional or free hosting, choose CFX Host because we at CFX Host understand your technical, service, and support needs. Disk Space: 75 MB Bandwidth: 500 MB FTP Accounts: 30 Email Accounts: 30 Email Lists: 30 MySQL Database: 30 Subdomains: 30 Shell...
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    Hosting Request

    hmm..if its a personal site, why do you need so much bandwidth bro? will you get that many visitors?