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    Looking for a free PHPBB host.

    I've posted this awhile back, about 2 years ago, and i'm here to try again... I'm looking for a place to host a PHPBB2 forum on for free, or a decent remote host that allows custom themes, emoticons, and database backup. Since I know there are some of you out there who simply can't take a...
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    Looking for decent FWS to host PHPBB at

    After reviewing all the free messageboard software out there, i've decided I like PHPBB the best and i'm now hunting for a place to host it at. Features needed are: * PHP and other requirements to host the board itself (otherwise i'm not gonna get very far lol :) * No POPUPS (banners are ok...
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    Free DNS Lookup Servers

    After reading my message, I noticed its harder to understand what i'm talking about, so lets try this again... I mean a free domain name server which you use to resolve the domains to ip addresses when browsing the net (the type you specify on each computers TCP/IP settings, where the ones...
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    Free DNS Lookup Servers

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone know of any free DNS lookup servers? I don't mean the type of free DNS services most people offer, but instead i'm hunting for some free alternatives to my isp's dns servers (my isps dns records sometimes seem to be slow updating)...
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    I just wanted to point out that I used the advanced search to find a FWP that allows atleast 5MB space and gives you a CGI-BIN. Among these results included a FWP called http://www.beunleashed.com, and if you've done like I have and read the 'hosting guide' section of the site, you'll see it...
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    ad free email!

    I recently signed up with myrealbox.com, they have 5MB of space, no ads, and offer both pop3 and web mail access. They look pretty good to me :)
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    domain host, no ads 20+MB

    I believe what they meant by that was that TWU is very unclear on their bandwidth policy. The way their current policy is, its hard for most of the general users to tell whether or not there site will use alot of bandwidth or not. Seeing as they have no clear policy on the amount of bandwidth...
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    Looking for a host

    Alex, I think theres rules about promoting your own host on these boards unless its in the signature of your message. Am I right guys?
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    i'm pissed off...

    pissed off? hmm... I suppose its better than being pissed on
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    Peo - Please Read

    FreeSQLHost and InterSpots also need to be removed
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    Had IT

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    irc / java applets

    Yeah, theres a CGI IRC client called Whiplash that'll allow you to connect to any IRC network (such as dalnet), but I don't remember the URL. Try searching for it in Altavista, I think thats how I found it last time.
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    DomainZero is no longer free.

    Heh, seems everytime I post/reply to one message tonight and start on another, I come back and one of my posts already has a reply. :) Anyways, I wan't aware of that, thanks alot for the info.
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    Which hosts are more lenient in their TOS?

    I really am not trying to offend you, i'm just speaking from experience. I've been through thousands of free hosts out there and haven't seen one yet that will allow you to host this type of stuff. I'm not saying you should give up, if you wanna look for one, more power to you. All I meant was...
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    I need free host with IP!

    I think i'll give my reply to most people who asks for free webspace in this message, as I don't really feel like replying to each one individually. I'll try to be as nice as possible... You aren't likely to find a host like this. I've seen people asking for free host with everything from...
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    Which hosts are more lenient in their TOS?

    First off, I'm not saying I agree with Ron on everything. Infact, I disagreed with the way he handled some of the post for webhosting (not that its not true, though), etc... But... I have to agree with Ron on this one. Do you honestly think anyone in their right mind is gonna allow you to...
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    DomainZero is no longer free.

    Sorry, didn't notice the reply. They didn't I don't think, but I meant seeing as they paid for the domain for 2 years (cause of InterNIC), I'm sure they'll more than lilely make you keep it for that long too. I figure that they won't let you drop the domain, but they'll force you to pay for...
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    Xoasis.com CGI faker?

    I couldn't get it to work either. I was trying to setup a messageboard, but it didn't work. I tried using both .cgi and .pl extensions and set the proper permissions.
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    Snoopie.yi.org allows them, they allow 1 background process. Although, you need to compile the eggdrop yourself. Also, iprotection.com says they allow them, but i've never got a response from them, so I guess I wasn't approved for a shell with them. Anyways, snoopie runs on dsl so its abit...
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    For the sake of curiosity...

    If you're offering all that, why not remove the 2000 visitors rule and allow zip/exe files? Could be a really good host if more people could use it. Nobody here who wants a site is likely to get 2000 visitors a day, and people who do get that many visitors usually go for paid hosts. Thats just...