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  1. Chris


    I'm aware that they're rather high priced, but are they a good, reliable hosting company?
  2. Chris

    need a host that supports perl/cgi

    If you want to forgo CGI and use PHP, you can use http://www.discount-hosting.com/
  3. Chris


    You could put stop payment on the card. It might just be an error. Or maybe it didn't go through.
  4. Chris

    2 Host questions .....

    Bandwidth does not cost that much in large quantities.
  5. Chris

    Need Cheap Host

    That is as cheap as you are going to get. They're reliable, too.
  6. Chris

    I need a 100mb 5gig/month host for UBB at no more than 60$ a year !

    I'm pretty sure that Cyberwings [url]http://www.cyberwings.com/hosting/has a plan like that.
  7. Chris

    is this cheap ?

    I don't see why not if it's a reputable company; Tera-byte sells space on ebay. I think the one you're referring to has a sixty dollar set-up fee.
  8. Chris

    Unlimited Hard Drive Jokes

    are not funny anymore.
  9. Chris

    Cheapest Paid Hosting

    I would imagine that the logic behind the popups would be to reduce costs to customers; however, in the end, it does make them look unprofessional.
  10. Chris

    Cyberwings vs. Byzhosting

    I don't think that that comment has founding. Cyberwings has rackshack servers which are completely reliable.
  11. Chris

    ummm...i need some help about domain hosting

    Actually, there is one host. 1mb and 5gb transfer. http://www.hebergement-gratuit.com/ You have to translate it with http://babel.altavista.com/
  12. Chris

    ummm...i need some help about domain hosting

    I don't that there are any free hosts. The cheapest places to go for paid are http://www.cyberwings.com/hosting/ who have a special for $4 a year if you pay with paypal or http://www.discount-hosting.com , who have been around longer, but do not support CGI. They are $10 per year.
  13. Chris

    Need lots of (cheap) bandwidth

    They are control panels.
  14. Chris

    Need lots of (cheap) bandwidth

    You might want to consider getting a dedicated cobalt raq server from www.rackshack.net which is $99/month (250 setup) with 300GB of bandwith and 20 GB of space. But that might be too much for you.
  15. Chris

    I Need A Host!

    He wants asp.
  16. Chris

    No-Rules Hosting ?

    You might want to consider contacting the hosts. No host is going to allow "illegal activity." Regards,
  17. Chris

    Low cost paid hosting?

    Wolfnight, are you hosted on a cable? Your ip starts with a 24.
  18. Chris

    Free POP3/IMAP Plus Webbased email?

    Thanks for the help; I think that I'm going to go with gmx.net
  19. Chris

    new host needed - searching impossible

    What's wrong with you? That would be 150 megabytes not 1.5 gigabytes; If you got 1000 visitors a day, then it would be 1.5 gigs of transfer, and 4000 visitors a day would be 6 gigs of transfer.
  20. Chris

    an MP3 host

    You'll get a bad sounding wav file if you do that.