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  1. utcrazy

    Holy ----snow, Batman!

    Brutal man, welcome to Canada.
  2. utcrazy

    What Android Phone + Plan Would YOU choose?

    I like the way this thread turned, it shows an actual lifeblood in this community. Refreshing. To Ben and those trying to counsel him, if he is truly autistic, I can assure you that it is useless. Although I agree that ADD is often misdiagnosed in children, autism is a very distinct neurological...
  3. utcrazy

    What Android Phone + Plan Would YOU choose?

    Not only that, but you need a credit card to enter into the contract to get a phone at those free/low prices. I like that people can not work and get fancy phones that the rest of us have to work for. From what I've read of the welfare system here, it barely covers rent. Maybe a hint at why the...
  4. utcrazy

    Its Christmas.

    http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2235043 Idiot. Ha ha.
  5. utcrazy

    Looking For Partner

    I'd be looking for partnership: someone to help run and fund the business along with myself. I'm looking to get back into something in the hosting industry, what specifically, I am not sure.
  6. utcrazy

    Looking For Partner

    Hello FWS, I'm interested in working on a new business and would like to chat with anyone who would be looking to partner on something. Send a PM or IM. -Mark
  7. utcrazy

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I always go to Swiss Chalet on American Thanksgiving for some reason.
  8. utcrazy

    Internet Speed

  9. utcrazy

    Happy Birthday DavidsAwesome!

    Hope you had a good one!
  10. utcrazy

    Tiff 2010

    I lurk at least once a week but usually have nothing to say.
  11. utcrazy

    Tiff 2010

    I've seen -127 Hours -Vanishing On 7th Street -The Ward -It's Kind of A Funny Story I'd recommend buying one of the packages before the festival starts. I have been waiting in the rush ticket lines mostly. It can be difficult to get tickets for the more prominent movies. It's a lot different...
  12. utcrazy

    Tiff 2010

    To my fellow Ontarians, (whoever you are) Any of you checking out the Toronto International Film Festival this year? Seen any films so far? To the rest of the world, any films you want to see that are hitting the festival? I've had a fun time seeing a few and the buzz around town is always...
  13. utcrazy

    i almost died again

    Sounds like an interesting lawsuit to me.
  14. utcrazy

    Blender good?

    I do not have any experience with blender, but I know maya is very good and I have a bit of experience with it. It is an incredibly diverse program and it can do some very complicated things. I doubt blender can do much of what maya an do seeing as Maya is a $3500 piece of software. Autodesk...
  15. utcrazy

    Smoked Salmon

    Any province without the Canadian National tower isn't worth living in. :P
  16. utcrazy

    What Windows Versions have you used?

    Windows 3.1 Windows 3.11 Windows 95 Windows 95B Windows 98 Windows 98SE Windows 2000/ME Windows XP SP1/2/3 Windows Server 2003 Windows server 2008 Windows Vista (briefly) Windows 7 WinMo 6.1 WinMo 6.5
  17. utcrazy

    Are you guys ready for tonight?

    It was extremely satirical and witty. I can't watch the show anymore. It just makes me remember how comical it used to be.
  18. utcrazy

    Are you guys ready for tonight?

    Most of the digital channels broadcast from the C.N. tower. I'm in an almost direct line of sight (as much as you can be in downtown) and I am just barely getting the channels. Luckily with digital you either get it 100% or you don't, but it can be a bit frustrating! I'm surprised though, the...
  19. utcrazy

    Australia idea of being poor

    Interesting to read stories like this. People have it pretty rough. I'm glad that happiness is all about who you're with and not what you have for you.
  20. utcrazy

    The madness around you!

    I was expecting stuff to greet me. Thanks for the greets!