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    free hosting for a personal website & blog

    I'm now being hosted at hostingdreams :-) thanks guys.
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    free hosting for a personal website & blog

    only issue with that plan is the ads :( but thanks for the offer.
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    free hosting for a personal website & blog

    Hi Fakher, thank you for the offer. I'm not looking much into P2H for the reason I don't have enough time to post in forums. Do HostingtDream NS servers respond fast for NS change ?
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    free hosting for a personal website & blog

    Hi guys, it's been quite a long time since I've browsed around here for some hosting as I used to get hosted by ismywebsite. Now that ismywebsite hosting is down and I've completely lost my website... I need the hosting for two top level domains I own. I basically need some 1 or 2...
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    A lot of free hosts going down?

    probably it s not recession some hosts are dishonest when signing for free sooner or later they trow people out unless they sign as paid
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    free shoutcast

    Hi guys, i am trying to do a blog with a shoutcast radio included, can anyone offer something any conditions posts etc... ;)
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    Shoutcast Limited!

    Hi Blazenhost, is this offer still open?
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    Radio Site hosting request...

    ok so basically i need a basic website hosting with cPanel... and some 1gb space and 10gb bandwidth to feel covered up.... with normal features if you can.... unlimited.... like mysql.... no file size limit...sub domains.....etc... and reliable hosting... since this site will be visited at...
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    Free VPS

    dream on dude......... especially with the economy as it is. lol unless you really make best friends with some host ... and will provide a basic one for you lol! but it's hopeless too on the long term!
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    WebDb hosting! up to 5gb space and 1.2tb of bw!! -- CPANEL/WHM --

    looks pretty much appealing... but is this too much overselling? how can the host cope with those high bandwidth? If i register here, am i sure that the host is going to be long-term?
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    JotHost - Free cPanel Web Hosting - No Posting Required!!!

    yea site's down! ...but anyways me site ain't down! tnx god! :D
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    need joomla compatible host

    Hi, i need a Joomla fully compatible host, to host my radio site on, with at least 2gb space and 5-10gb b/w, cpanel, smtp on. and of course Safe mode off etc etc.. to make Joomla work well. i can offer posting on forums (at a reasonable posting limit per month). but no ads please. thanks in...
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    What do people want?

    i say post 2 host with reliable service! ad's make the sites slow... and low resources with nothing... doesn't really say that the host has a long life!
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    NWH v2.0

    i really wish this hosting is back! it was a really nice & good host! been hosted with them for like 2weeks before they been down and was simply great hosting! goodluck Tyler and staff in getting new vps and a new better NWH Networks! :)
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    Jothost is gone

    ...but unfortunately its very popular with hosts! i hate it tho! btw i've been hosted at NWH Networks but since now they're down for sometime, im on jothost which till now was some nice hosting! never had any downtimes or anything! since they got up again! :-)
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    free hosting for community forum & site!

    i just chose your option looks good! i look forward to host my community with you! thanks all the web hosters for the interest you showed in hosting my web community! thanks, Regards, Noel
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    free hosting for community forum & site!

    the site will be in english so it shouldn't be a problem i think, your plans look good! tho i need a domain too and dunno how am i gonna get it free :cry2:
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    free hosting for community forum & site!

    pm'ed you some questions hope to get them answered m8! ---- any more offers please?
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    free hosting for community forum & site!

    well ad supported I'm sorry but definitely no! :( i only ca do banner ads cutomly on the pages. cos then it would make the website look very bad. :( sry m8 but i can't! :(
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    free hosting for community forum & site!

    Hi, have a project (that I'm doing on my own will) that I'm going to create a community forum & a site about my country and some other current stuff! it's like gonna be an all in one site! the site is going to be a non-for-profit site. i can give in return a banner of 640x60 banner on the...