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    What would you do in the the event of a Zombie Apocalypse?

    what to do in a zombie apocalypse....
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    Can anyone guess what I am doing tomorrow? :P

    invented some weird sex act with that paintball gun ??
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    Ubuntu Cola

    Try it yet Peo ?? The power of opensource cola compels you
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    New logo & design

    Looks cleaner and more bright :)
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    dell adamo

    Wow when i think Dell, i see cheap worthless crap with the Adamo, i see expensive worthless crap. i can go get a netbook for $400 at bestbuy, if i wanted to spend $2000, i'd go get a macbook What was Dell smoking when they thought of the pricing structure of that
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    Best website evar

    now i'm just being an ---
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    Google in talks to aquire twitter

    http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2344387,00.asp If they buy twitter i hope to ----in god they don't plaster Ads on it or change it
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    Best website evar

    http://omegle.com/ random people, random chats. Try it and post your convo.
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    never use 2co !

    if they are legit, i don't see a problem unless its illegal "herbs"
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    The NEW Facebook!

    I like it. its a simpler look, doesn't look cluttered
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    twitter sound off

    Phail. link doesn't work
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    twitter sound off

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    I'm a supervisor now!

    does this mean i can park my car in ya lot for free :D
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    SanFran legalizing weed?

    $50/ounce tax if legalized, Ouch
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    EISA Configuration ??

    how do i remove it ? this laptop has already been reformatted and OS re-installed already by me so the original configuration is gone, i just want that partition removed.
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    EISA Configuration ??

    I bought it brand new from BestBuy during a sale. it came pre-installed with VistaBasic
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    DVD software

    No, i got videos already I just need software to convert the files so they playback on a DVD player And software that'll allow me to order them one by one and make a simple menu screen.
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    more craigslist Ad sexyness

    http://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/wri/1039870546.html this company is FTW for posting a hilarious ad for an intern
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    DVD software

    What format does video files gotta be in to play in a NTSC dvd player ? Also i need to fit software that'll allow me to add a dvd menu option. ANy suggestions ?
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    EISA Configuration ??

    Its a Acer Aspire 5730 Laptop with Vista Basic