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    Help with scripting - can it be done with HTML?

    You would have to use some CGI script. Look on http://php.resourceindex.com http://cgi.resourceindex.com http://hotscripts.com
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    VBulletin 2.2.4 Help ASAP

    just curious why you aren't using the latest version? :p
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    VBulletin 2.2.4 Help ASAP

    As fimi said, make sure you uploaded everything.
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    which one?

    if i HAD to pick one of those, i'd say 2nd... :p
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    If you want cheap & reliable, go with www.tranxactglobal.com Their webpage sucks, but don't let it fool you :bandit2:
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    recommend hosting for small website

    www.awphosting.com they take paypal if you need a special package, email admin@awphosting.com Charles sets up special packages all the time for your needs
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    connection speed

    No... PHP & CGI scripts are server side so it can't tell a thing about the end user other than what the browser tells it. You can do some speed tests by downloading/uploading files if you really need to know though :p
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    PHP Indexes

    RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$ RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?mydomain.com/.*$ [NC] RewriteRule \.(gif|jpg)$ - [F] replace mydomain.com with your domain replace the gif & jpg with the extensions you want to protect you can also replace last line with...
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    where can i get cheap hosting?

    probably in your dreams :D
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    How many space and bandwidth does this site consume?

    no way.. 50-75 meg max space (including mysql db) 3-7 gb traffic... :chinese2:
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    Textarea H-Sroller?

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    How do I make those weird text/story thingys?

    why don't you just write one yourself? If you know anything about programming (even if you don't know javascript) you can figure it out in less than 1 hour. :p
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    i only use sony and imation. never have problems with cd quality :cool:
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    PHP Indexes

    Why don't you use .htaccess? Put this in the file:
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    650 MB, 5GB Traffic, PHP, mySQL, FP ready $1.95/mo only

    how many clients do you pile on a server?! :confused:
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    My revamped forum

    looks pretty nice
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    Any Suggestions?

    looks a bit plain overall it's decent not sure about your french horn clip art.. :p
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    Wanna help

    Nitrogen Oxide? :p
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    searching for a host...

    www.awphosting.com you have to email admin since they only allow adult content when they can handle the load ;) I'm sure Charles will create a custom plan for you with the specs you require. :cool: