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    Why? Works for me
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    YaBB or Ikonboard?

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    Renotkey hosted YABB forum

    boardnation.com ?
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    Free decent forum

    No it's not at all, in fact it's about the worst thing you can do actually. When I say vBulletin's code is ugly and not organized well (not even a lie actually :D) do you think it's a good idea to tell everybody it's code is screwed and not organized and that it potentially may have a lot of...
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    Free decent forum

    If you have no other argumentation that "rumors" you've heard "somewhere" don't mention it.
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    Hmmmmm, Ikonboard 3, or Burning Board?

    I wonder, why the e modifier? Without would same as good and is more efficient :D
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    Yes, that's the date and time that belongs to UNIX timestamp 0.
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    Exciting New Board Free For Use!

    It is not possible to test this just like I just did, got to admit that. vB has a dedicated server with thousands of posts and yours (I assume it's yours) only about 100-200. The two cannot be compared without tests being done on one machine with an equal count of posts (or better equal posts).
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    Exciting New Board Free For Use!

    1) Power has nothing to do with processing time 2) I took the longest thread availlable at MC, it took between 0.6 secs and 2.1 secs to generate, while vB averages at .3 sec.
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    Burning board looks awesome!

    Yet another Bulletin Board :D
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    Free mysql host

    Later reply, I know. Just for the record: YaPBB is in no way related to YaBB or KeyBulletin. (although I know the guy who wrote YaPBB)
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    yabb or ib ?

    Sorry for the late reply (long time no visit ;)), but kB is not in any way a php version of YaBB. Not at all really, it has been written from scratch without taking any code from any other board.
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    Xnull Services

    They bought one dedicated server of they sell the space and bandwidth.
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    yabb or ib ?

    :o :D Not anytime near, preview can be seen here
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    yabb or ib ?

    Nope: http://yabb.xnull.com/cgi-bin/community/YaBB.pl?board=general&action=display&num=991556332 No, it's unsupported software, there are no plans on working on it.
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    yabb or ib ?

    hehe. Don't worry. I just wonder, do you still like the threads about which board is better? Even after the twentieth time? If I'd be a moderator I'd lock them and point them to on of the others. Or even make such a topic sticky. This is getting really annoying IMO
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    yabb or ib ?

    For the 50 million and tenth time Grrr... YaBB exists longer than iB, actually Matt Mecham was in the YaBB team before he started iB. And second, no there is no "major bug" in YaBB. All that there have been gone for ages. And quit those comparisons, nobody needs them, some like YaBB...
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    Free Remote vbulletin or Yabb Hosting?

    Free remote YaBB hosting: http://www.boardnation.com
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    Any really good free message boards out there?

    Just for the record: http://yabb.xnull.com
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    Best Bulletin Board?

    I'd download them all, and install them all. People here can say what they want, what really matters is which one you prefer.