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    the internet is broken

    I don't think that's correct. I can still reach my server on Uunet just fine. Richard
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    New Year Special - 500MB Space / 20GB Bandwidth - $9.95/month

    Enigma Hosting would like to offer the following New Year Special :birthday: for $9.95/month. There are only 5 of these plans available. Mystery+ :: $9.95/month - 500 MB Disk Space - 20 GB Bandwdith - 250 Email Accounts - 50 Sub Domains - 10 Parked Domains - 2 Addon Domains - 25...
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    Ventures Online

    I used Ventures Online before they switched over to Bulk Reseller accounts and was very happy with them. I don't have any experience with their Bulk accounts, but they have a pretty active forum that you could check out. http://www.venturesonline.com/forums/ Richard
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    Are you an excellent host that fit my needs? Post here!

    Hi Jick, Enigma Hosting can offer you our Riddle plan. It's $5.95/month, but if you don't mind paying yearly it is $56.96/year which works out to about $4.75 a month. It includes the following: - 100 MB Disk Space - 4 GB Bandwidth - 25 Email Accounts - 4 Sub Domains - 5 FTP Accounts -...
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    Whats wrong with this? [PHP]

    = != == Happens to everyone (at least it does to me) :D Richard
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    Need Host With..

    Hi Chobits, Enigma Hosting can offer you the following for $56.95/year: - 100 MB Disk Space - 4 GB Bandwidth - 25 Email Accounts - 2 MySQL Databases - 5 FTP Accounts - PHP 4.2.3 - CGI - Cpanel - Virus Scanned Email A full list of features can be seen here...
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    1 Month Free Trial - Enigma Hosting

    Enigma Hosting is offering a 1 month free trial on all of our shared hosting plans. All hosting plans include the following: - Cpanel Control Panel - Web Based Statistics - Frontpage Extensions - Real Audio / Video (http streaming) - Protected Directories - Shopping Cart -...
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    Halloween Special - All Treats, No Tricks - 10% off Shared Hosting

    Tired off all the Tricks from other Webhosts? Sign up with Noldar Hosting and get all Treats, no Tricks! 10% off all Shared Hosting Plans http://www.noldarhosting.com/hosting.html Just put 'Trick or Treat' in the Referred By field when signing up. This offer is good through...
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    MYSQL manager?

    phpMyAdmin is a great PHP based manager for MySQL. It will allow you to add and edit tables, run queries and many other things. Richard
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    [PHP] Set Mail Return path question

    You can add Return-Path: <email@domain.com> to the headers. Here's some example code: $recipient = "recipient@domain.com"; $subject = "Email Subject"; $message = "This is the email message\n"; $headers = "From: John Smith <jsmith@domain.com>\n" . "X-Sender...
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    Getting text from remote URL

    My guess would be that filesize cannot determine the size of a remote file, so it's probably just returning 0. Try replacing filesize with a sufficiently large number so that you have something like: $fd = fopen($url, 'r'); $filecontents = fread ($fd, 1000000); fclose ($fd); Richard
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    Very Simple News Thingy

    You can find lots of them at Hotscripts.com http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/News_Publishing/ Richard
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    weird question...bare with me

    Here's one that allows two options: http://www.valeriemates.com/storysites.html Richard
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    PHP/Mysql password verification

    Yes, you're right. An encrypted password will be larger than the plain text password, so you have to make the variable larger. It's always much more satisfying to figure out the problem on your own :) From the mysql_query description on php.net Note: The query string should not end with a...
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    PHP/Mysql password verification

    You've got an extra semi-colon between the ('$password') and the "); Richard
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    Yes, that script is vulnerable. You might want to take a look at the formail script available at this site http://nms-cgi.sourceforge.net/ Richard
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    Best PHP/MySQL Book

    For PHP I like the PHP 4 Bible by Tim Converse & Joyce Park from IDG Books. For more advanced PHP stuff the PHP Developer's Cookbook by Sterling Highes from SAMS is nice. For MySQL I like MySQL by Paul DuBois from New Riders. Richard
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    Network packet sniffers

    I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but EtherPeek from WildPackets looks very promising. Richard
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    Father's Day Weekend Special!

    Noldar Hosting would like to offer the following Father's Day Weekend Special. All NH-4 and higher hosting plans are 20% off and include the following: - CPanel - Dedicated IP - Anonymous FTP - Webalizer Web Stats - SSL Support - Frontpage Extensions - Real Audio / Video (http...