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    Quality hosting needed

    http://www.pwnagehost.com We have plans that suit your needs. We have low prices for hosting so you might want to choose us. Thanks.
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    Free hosting request [please help]

    If you are still looking try us. http://www.pwnagehost.com. We will be able to host you. Posting is required though.
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    What's up with XTR Host?

    Dude XTR stop calling people noobs. Its unprofessional and makes you look bad. Plus you have to know people have different opinions, so deal with it.
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    Clan Hosting Neeed

    Well I don't require ads at all forum posting is required though. Just make 20 posts on our forums. See for yourself at http://www.pwnagehost.com
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    looking for hosting

    Well I can give you hosting but you have to post a bit on our forums. Just visit us at Pwange Hosting I offer Addon and Parked domains.
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    New Host needed

    This is our economy plan. Feel free to read more by visiting our site at Pwnage Host. Economy Plan Space: 500 MB Bandwidth: 10,000 MB FTP: Yes CPanel: Yes Fantastico: Yes SQL DBs: Unlimited Mailing Lists: Unlimited FTP Accounts: Unlimited Sub-Domains: Unlimited Price: $2.00...
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    Small hosting needed 100mb space 3gb bandwith..

    Try us. http://www.pwnagehost.com We hace what you need just register at our forums.
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    Free Hosting...

    Try us. We might have what you are looking for. http://www.pwnagehost.com Thanks, Matt, Owner of Pwnage Hosting.
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    Try us --> http://www.pwnagehost.com We have the stats that you need. Hope you register with us.
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    Can A Hosing Company Please Offer This For Free

    I used to own Spartan X but I had to close it down of the server. We got a new server and name. I don't accept Adult Content but if you wish to use your hosting for something else feel free to register. http://www.pwnagehost.com Thanks.
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    Xpress-Host.net. Ask about their unmetered resellers/servers
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    A Gaming Site

    Well I might make an offer since nobody else is. No Ads but you have to post on the forums to activate your account. Yes, I know you said you don't want to post. http://forums.pwnagehost.com
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    Reliable host with specifications

    I can offer you that for $2 per month. Feel free to visit us at http://www.pwnagehost.com. We also have custom plans which you can buy from us. If you have any further questions PM me or contact us at sales@pwnagehost.com Payments are made by paypal.
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    Clan Site

    No ads, no charges all free. Just visit our forum and make a couple posts. We specialize in gaming/clan hosts so we would be honored to host you. Thanks. Hope you host with us. http://www.pwnagehost.com or http://forums.pwangehost.com
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    I need a free host...I'm not good with site building.

    Well, there is always freewebs and they have the easiest web builder. I suggest you learn RAW HTML and use it to code your site. Either that or buy Dreamweaver.
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    Hosting needed !

    <<Mod edit/ Availability to pay with e-gold (!), if you can't offer don't post.>>
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    Hosting Request (Details inside)

    Try us we offer the following 500MB Space 10GB Bandwidth per month PHP/Perl/CGI/SSI/etc Unlimited MySQL Database's Sub-domain (yourname.pwnagehost.com) cPanel FTP Price: $2.00 Buy with us today by visiting Pwnage Host
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    Need free hosting with PHP and GD, very low disk space and bandwidth.

    http://www.pwnagehost.com <---Has all you need
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    I need a free host...I'm not good with site building.

    Its in the plans section. Click on the link that says free plans. http://forums.pwnagehost.com/index.php?showtopic=38
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    I need a free host...I'm not good with site building.

    http://forums.pwnagehost.com You can get an account and get help from other members on how to start a web-site. Hope you host with us.