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    Domain Name Transfer

    Sometimes the host will push the domain to your account but it is always safer to control your own domain name..
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    PROXY HOSTING - Affordable, Reliable, Truly Poweful Proxy Hosting Plans from $5.99/m

    I find it funny that your server says it has only 100gb of HD space.. yet your plans offer like 350gb of diskspace. lol oh well.
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    CS:S Server

    gameservers.com is $1.49/slot (33 tick is default but you can submit a ticket and get it changed to 66 tick for free).
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    Chicago based shared

    I can go as high as 10$. I supose I won't be able to buy from you though becuase your plans are quite high. I will keep looking around. Keep the offers comming.
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    Chicago based shared

    I am willing to spend around 8$ per month (if thats ok)... and no, the server needs to be either in New York (where my server is located) or in Chicago.
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    Chicago based shared

    I need some shared hosting in chicago reqs cPanel 1gb (can do 500mb) of space 50gb of bandwidth this hosting will be used as fast download for my counter-strike servers (so I will use 50gb of bandwidth) and I will also store 1 mysql database (or 2) for saving levels, shouldn't be to...
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    Converting backups?

    Oh ok, like I can unload the backup with winrar and then upload everything. Thanks guys.
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    Converting backups?

    Does anybody know the name of this utility?
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    Converting backups?

    Is it possible to take a plesk backup and convert it to a cPanel back up? Currently my host switch from a cPanel server to a Plesk server and I would like to move back to a cPanel host. Can it be done with out loosing any data?
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    VPS | 40$ max | Portugal or agood ping

    512mb of ram on a VPS defently will not be able support 2 cs 1.6 servers.. maby 1x 8 slot server.
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    www.TFBHosting.biz -- RESELLERS at a affordable price. SHARED hosting as well!

    How much would 10gb of space 100gb of bandwidth reseller cost?
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    Saidcom Datacenter Down?

    60 days? my most recent back up is over 1 week old (from downtime)
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    Vetrox Solutions :: ALMOST 50% OFF SOME VPS!

    Same here Is it dificult to secure a VPS compared to a Deticated server?
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    Dedicated Hosting

    you will need more than 200gb of bandwidth for hosting Gameservers
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    CS Server Host

    funservers.com? they use to be pretty good.
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    i think webhosting is on WRONG WAY

    they have to compete with the larger companys that oversell.
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    There owner is very nice and helpful. The only reason I didn't switch to them becuase it would be to much of a hassel moving my site over.
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    Ventrilo/TeamSpeak Company

    I made that site :)