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    Instantcpanelhosting.com, Reviews and updates

    Effective immediately, PayPal and Western Union are no longer accepted as payment methods by ICPH, with the provider now allowing payments in Tether, an Ethereum ERC-20 token.
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    Instantcpanelhosting.com, Reviews and updates

    .com domain now cost $13/year Accepted payment for domain and hosting is also Solana, Ethereum, OXEN.
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    Instantcpanelhosting.com, Reviews and updates

    Maintenance is complete. cPanel was updated. Cloudflare module was updated too. New customers are welcome. Feel free to contact me or the support if you have any questions. https://instantcpanelhosting.com
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    Instantcpanelhosting.com, Reviews and updates

    .win TLD registar modified this domain pricing so ICPH had to adjust the price accordingly
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    Instantcpanelhosting.com, Reviews and updates

    Hello, regarding PowerDNS, please contact the support to provide more details about this. Regarding server requirements for yours mentioned websites. I think that better would be 1024MB RAM VPS plan. I would start with that.
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    Instantcpanelhosting.com, Reviews and updates

    OKPay payment gateway was disabled due to the changes in the OKPay system.
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    Instantcpanelhosting.com, Reviews and updates

    Shared hosting customers can now activate free SSL certificate for their domains. Certificate is provided by LetsEncrypt.org.
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    Instantcpanelhosting.com, Reviews and updates

    Running over 1000 days & domain prices was lowered: .biz from $15/year to $13/year .me from $20/year to $13/year
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    SSD VPS hosting advantages?

    sometimes you may experience faster loading webpage
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    Windows VPS and traditional RDP hosting

    When there is Win. VPS mentioned, people usually looking for an remote desktop (RDP), for hosting usually Linux (free) is used. There can also be Linux RDP which is usually much cheaper. ICPH providing both.
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    Instantcpanelhosting.com, Reviews and updates

    Glad to announce that there are new operating systems available for VPSs. CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 14.04.
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    VPS or shared hosting.

    You can start with shared hosting plan at instantcpanelhosting.com, it is cheap. But if you know proxy will be frequently and heavilly used, it may be cheaper for you to get an unlimited traffic VPS. If you will buy VPS from instantcpanelhosting.com, contact me if you want me to install VPS...
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    Enterprise Email Hosting & Its Benefits..

    its probably hosting that is more expensive, developed the way so it can allow sending large number of emails with good delivery success rate
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    Instantcpanelhosting.com, Reviews and updates

    Hello, this depends on how many visitors is navigating on your website at a time. You have around 69 visitors hourly, which means one visitor per minute. Such load can be caried by yours mentioned VPS configuration, but we do not know if there are traffic spikes. Lets say you send an newsletter...
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    Reliable hosting for wordpress?

    Use google to find reviews, if you are not just advertising this provider here.
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    What is cluster server hosting?

    it has higher uptime thanks to multiple hardware / servers being available to serve webpages
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    Suggest reseller hosting

    i think that skynethosting.net has one of the cheapest offers including whmcs. it cost even less than WHMCS license itself
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    Website hosting reviews

    i do not much believe sites like this one. When they promote thru affiliate links they may tend to manipulate reviews to looks good.
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    Best web host for a simple business website?

    Namecheap is a company with good support and low number of downtimes. OVH is also big company, you may try them too. or try so called cloud hosting with 99.99% uptime SLA
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    Dedicated Hosting??

    usually it means that you rent physical computer in some datacenter. such computer usually have Linux OS. but depends on your choice. you have full root access to such a computer/server.