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    15GB Space / 250GB Bandwidth / Cpanel-WHM-RVSkins

    Hi, I purchased an account from a host in november but since they do not offer refunds and the site no longer is hosted with them as I passed the site onto someone who had more time to offer for it and decided to move I now have a hosting account to sell... This is a very reliable host and in...
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    Reseller / Dedicated Request

    Right after discussions with my co-owner, ignore the first post We want shared or reseller as he doesnt want the burden of a dedicated and feels we dont need one Budget: $35 Monthly Space: 5GB Bandwidth: 300GB If you can offer more then do so, same about if you offer less, we will be taking...
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    Reseller / Dedicated Request

    No, I used to do dedicated server hosting until i started Uni so I know quite a bit about servers. As long as it comes with all the services installed with DirectAdmin i'll be fine with it
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    Reseller / Dedicated Request

    Yes i will consider Direct Admin I know how much of a cost difference it makes. I was meant to mention that but forgot, sorry.
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    Reseller / Dedicated Request

    Hi all, We are currently on a shared plan and server is running extremely slow, due to us using about 12% of CPU just on our forums.. which IMO arent that busy..100-300 members on at once. (this is on a dual core opteron) We currently have: 2GB Space 300GB Bandwidth and we pay $20 monthly...
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    Multiple HDD

    Hi, I am wanting to install more than 2 hard drives in my machine. The hard drives are all IDE and run from a ASRock K7s41. My primary has a master and slave HDD and my secondary has master and slave (both DVD RW) I was wondering if its possible to install more than 2 Hard Drives on my...
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    Dedi-Servers | Looking for offers

    Not got a P4 in his budget though ;)
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    Need Dedicated Server

    No you're not reading carefully Server not found Firefox can't find the server at www.delerox.com.
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    Need Dedicated Server

    They seem to be down
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    Dedicated Server

    That is from LT lol
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    low end server needed

    You can get the following from hivelocity: # Celeron 1.8Ghz # 512 Ram # 40 GB hard drive # 6 ips # 1000 GB monthly bandwidth 10Mbps switch port- $49/month, $0/setup Hard Drive Upgrade 40 > 80GB- $5/month sales@hivelocity.net
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    Quality dedicated server needed.

    I have never had ANY problems with LT except one abuse report which was sorted within 6 hours. Support for me was fast and accurate. Never got charged either on ANY support they just pointed me in the right direction Although you MUST know what your doing else you will have no hope with LT...
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    Quality dedicated server needed.

    This isn't an offer more of a helping hand LayeredTech currently have some specials running you can spec this machine out for $324 Monthly Dual Intel Xeon 3GHz HT 400GB HDD 10MBPS Unmetered (3300GB) 100MBPS Uplink 2GB RAM 5 IP Addresses $19 Setup Fee Just a heads up
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    Annual reseller (w) clientexec needed

    He was only trying to help, and by the sounds of it you are in the wrong if you are critisising somthing you agree to in a TOS. He was trying to help so quit with your arrogance
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    How to integrate cutenews into a site

    <?php $number = "5" //Number of Items you want displayed include ("cutenewspath/show_news.php"); ?>
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    Reseller Fraud Alert

    Already sorted IPB out :p Thanks for the offer
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    Need Free PHP MYSQL For IPB (Invision Power Broad)

    Yes he is, if the site transfers more than 10MB of data in a second then it will cause problems ALSO there is no guarentee the site will NEVER be down!
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    Big Problems! (School Computers)

    If you kow the name of the server system then you should be able to go to My Network Places > Search Active Directory > Put the name of the server in and it tells you what domain controller it is 2000 or 2003
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    Reseller Fraud Alert

    mod_evasive is always a handy one to have installed