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    Why creating backlinks too fast can harm your site's SEO.

    Posting every day or two on blogs with relevant content I've found works a treat. First, you become more knowledgeable plus you're getting backlinks for posting on something which interests you. Good comments also sometimes get people clicking your links too (as well as track-backs)
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    Google Plus invite :D

    As far as I'm aware there's no invite limit, though obviously it's a good idea to invite people who are more likely to invite others. Ideally I'd like to move away from facebook also. The way they tried to prevent plugins which allow you to export your friends just shows how control hungry they...
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    Sub Domains is a Seperate url for SEO?

    Honestly I don't think it matters, afaik you still get the same google PR so there's not much to worry about.
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    changing domain names

    Also don't forget about google webmaster- that has a good feature for changing your domain.
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    Post your jokes

    All my passwords are 'incorrect', so that next time, when I forget my password, the website kindly reminds me that 'your password is incorrect!' :D
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    give suggestion for my VPS hosting site

    As mentiones above the tags really aren't good. Remove that and it isn't bad (:
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    Can I earn money by reselling hosting .??

    Yes it is true, however it is not a 'quick buck'. It takes time, lots of planning and good business skills to do it right. Though yes- very little technical skills though it does help a lot :ninja:
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    cPanel wants to 'eliminate' WHMCS

    If this is built into WHM then it could be very good for resellers though there would without doubt be a surge in new hosts.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Indeed the longest thread Ive seen to date :P Congratulations may be the word? I'm not too sure lol
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    What Are You Listening To!

    Armin Van Buuren- ASOT :D
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    Stable VPS Needed.

    I've been with GBservers, QualityServers.co.uk and am currently with BuyVM.net- all are very good providers and none have let me down (: Go take a look (they're LEB providers though)
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    thrustvps ?anyone try it?

    Only way is to find out. I've some friends who say they're very good providers; equally I've also read horror stories on WHT.
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    Large hosts or small ones?

    Depends. I've been with some large ones (FatCow) and they were pretty bad. I've been with small ones and lost my data. Trick is to look for medium sized but reputable ones.