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    REQUEST Free Domain Redirection

    Alrighty, i'm willing to put up a ad banner, pop-up or top... is there any other services out there that are like http://www.acidmist.com/ ?
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    10 GB for $15/month!!!

    UNLIMITED SPACE for $15/month!!! Yes, you get the following: 10 Bandwidth Unlimited Space Unlimited Mysql Databases Unlimited Cron Jobs Unlimited Email Accounts 24 Hour Ftp Access Easy To Use Control Panel Php Cgi-bin SSI Secure Shell Access Webalizer Stats Most Used...
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    free domain question

    is there any free ones (ex. CJB) that you can change the dns, so it works like a regular domain, but with the subdomain type?
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    Big Request

    this isn't a paying job, but you will be credted at the bottom of every page: I am looking for a designer to make a VERY catchy layout for my site. I am not too good on this stuff, i am lookin for lots of images at the top with slices etc. If you want to help out, or need to look for details...
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    i am lookin for a TOPIC'ED WEB SITE to host my site, i am not lookin for a regular website hosting service. If someone will host my site http://wgc-wwf.cjb.net/ give me a shout.
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    Need Host!!!

    I need something which will support a Ikonboard 3.1.0 with abo9ut 20 megs of space, and lots of bandwidth.....
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    I need simple host with the following...

    FTP No Ads custom 404 pages if there are no custom 404 pages, thats ok, it is just an option which i'd like to have.
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    CHANGE: Host Needed for phpBB 2

    CHANGE: does anyone know where i can get my phpBB2 hosted?
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    Host Needed

    i know you'll probably not find this as a regular hosting site, but is there anyone who will host a eBoard ( http://eb.deltawolf.com/ ) for me? i think i needs the following: PHP MySQL CGI 10+megs storage and maybe some other stuff you might find, will any host me please?
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    Rate My Graphic Skills?

    well, here is one which is uploaded, it is in my sig.
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    Free Host Needed!!!

    i need a simple host with the following: *"Unlimited" Bandwidth *20+ Megs Storage *5+ meg file size limit *NO ADS WHATSOEVER Ok, this is simple. no-one say host.sk, i want a host which is fairly fast, and a reasonable subdomain or /you. Thanks.
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    I NEED A HOST, please. I need it to operate a OpenBB forum. they need PHP4+ scripting. and no-one say tripod.co.uk :mad:
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    Staff Needed For WGC

    we are getting a domain as soon as possible, and here is the deal...(Note there is no money involved, and the banners will appear on the forum, being they get more hits than the site) Jobs: 1. Forum Moderator 2. Reviewer 3. Graphic Designer 4. Misc Help **1. For every month of...