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About WebServe.ca


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Has anybody ever tried using services provided WebServe.ca??
If anybody has, what do you think about it? Is it good? Is it reliable? How is the support??
First off, haven't used them. I'm a host myself, so potentially take what I say with a grain of salt, but there are a couple things that stick out for me:

1) Several of their plans are the infamous "unlimited" everything plans. "Unlimited" disk space and bandwidth do not exist. It's a marketing scam of ungodly proportions.
2) Their servers use "RAID 1 SCSI drive system." RAID1 is going to be ridiculously slow for a web hosting environment. They really can't afford to put 2 more hard drives in the system and go with RAID10?

That said, for $3.99/mo., it's cheap enough to try them out for a few months and if you don't like them, just move.
They are a well respected company that is offering webhosting since 2001. I did use them about 8 years ago and they where fine then. Good uptime.
But that doesn't say that they are still good, like WSWD said, they use cheap hardware.
Yeah that's right. Unlimited do not exist in web hosting.This is somewhat a scam or a tricky thing just to attract customers.
Yeah.You're right wswd....Unlimited in web hosting don't exist.It is somewhat a tricky thing just to attract customers.
It might not be as convenient for me to talk about WebServe.ca now because I am representing Legit Web Host, but I think there is a need to let other consumers know.

DO NOT use their services. They sometimes DO NOT answer your phone calls at all even during working hours. Their refund process is super slow. It has been 6 weeks now and they still haven't refunded me. Guess what?? They are still owing me $66.65. Every time, they would say to me, "We have submitted your request." But they don't do anything after this step.

This host is very unreliable, BAD SUPPORT.
Hahaha...Sorry for confusion.

I was asking for myself.

Ps. I am not the owner of Legit Web Host Ltd.. I am just a support operator.
I don't mind using services in Canada, but I don't have particular interest with it. It's just that I live in Canada, and choosing a Canadian service makes me feel ... i don't know ... may be more reliable and closer!!?

I am still contacting them for a refund...THIS IS PATHETIC!! Lol...

Support operator
Im guessing the owners of webserve.ca have probably moved on and setup another provider and just keep that site open for long time existing clients.

The website is terribly outdated, the footer in the client area says it all really (WebServe Canada � Copyright 1999 - 2005 ) the helpdesk is down : https://secure.webserve.ca/support/helpdesk/

Look how big their home meta title is:
<title>Web Hosting Canada from $1.99/mo Canadian Web Hosting Vancouver best web 
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So true. The only thing that made me choosing it as my web host is that it has a solid office located in Vancouver, BC.

Hahahahah!! Ummm... There are obvious confusions here.

I (a support operator at LegitWebHost, using LWH's account at FWS, but expressing personal concerns) said, "I would choose WebServe.ca as my web host for my personal website because I like how it has a solid office in Vancouver, BC."

Sander K, we are actually located in Canada. We are using Cloudflare INC's service to increase our domain security and site security, however.
I have been with weserve for sometime now & am getting more & more frustrated. Down time has increased, billing is all over the map & cant keep track of paid bills, toll free support is nil (circuits busy all the time), but call the local # & get through (you pay the long distance on hold).