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basic designing tips


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I m new for website designing techniques.. how could i get some basic designing tips for my business website?
Could some one help me to getting tips to design business websites...
1 Sizes of files and images must be kept small.
2 Simple is better.
3 Make use of standard fonts.
4 Avoid placing too many ads.
Look at loads of websites in the same business sector and see how they do it. Take some inspiration.

Don't use any ads, but the current trend is actually to use non-standard fonts (like from the google font directory) - of course will a fallback to standard fonts.
here are some basic tips about designing,

Neat & Easy Navigation and Clean Layout Design are very important for the web designing because these two things encourages visitors to stay and read your content. Also make sure about the load time of the site and for that minimize the use of Graphics, Flash and scripts in your site...
basic tips...hmmmn.. i guess the most basic one to consider is what-your-business-is-all-about-question which actually comes first. the focus on ones business, let's say you want a hosting business, sure you don't want it to look like facebook or mashable in anyway, right? ;p

light weight professional designs for new business site is always the best, something in blue+white or black+white or any two color combo you prefer. Also, direct to the point link navigation without excessive graphics all over the page is advisable.
Some great tips for web design are-
Keep the content unique,
Use proper template and layout,
Use good sense of color combination,
Ignore heavy images and flash,
Manage Site map,
Use proper external and internal links.
I'm very glad to share some tips with you, hope can help you!
1. Build your news home page as concisely as possible to reduce scrolling. Readers become impatient with too much scrolling.
2. Strive for a dominant piece of art (a photo or graphic) and a dominant headline on the opening screen.
3. Keep your pages, your layouts and your packages simple - often with no more than one dominant piece of art and several small thumbnail photos or graphics on most pages. Simplicity and good design are often linked. And too many large photos and graphics would slow down the delivery of your page.
4.If you'll be using Photoshop or PaintShopPro to size pictures or graphics, work to make the images as light in weight as possible, without sacrificing clarity. You can accomplish this by cropping photos tight; changing most file extensions from .tif or .psd to .jpg or .gif; and decreasing the resolution of the image to about 72 pixels per inch (ppi).
Here are some basic web design tips for you:
Use a reference but don't copy it
Try to create an exclusive design
Create content that purely relates to your website
Make sure that your site is quick to load in any browser
Use a color scheme and avoid excessive use of shouting colors such as green, yellow, or red
Don’t forget all these tips if you want to become a good web designer.
I suggest you visit some design websites, and learn how to design a website, or you can use some tools for it, i think this way is very easy and quick!
When you are making a design, remember to make sure the colours work together.

The text should always be clear to read, images and filesize should be kept small, but this does depend on the audience. For example, if you are a web design company, go all out on your own design and use THAT to help show that you are competent at designing, I expect design websites to take a little while to load. If your client base is expected to be company or corporate level, then don't worry too much on the filesize of your website's images, because corporate companies generally have some pretty good internet connections, even if it is just for the IT Buffs.

Just make sure it all fits together, and works. The last thing anyone wants to see is the 404, or empty space on your page.
a web design tips for you

It may funny but yet it important which always forget in designer mind.

as a business website
simple yet professional, simple yet informative . Then you are half way of success.