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Free ASP Host

Originally posted by HistoryGirl
Anyone now where i can get a FREE ASP Host? Not an ASP.net host because I'm starting to learn ASP I cant afford a domain i just somewhere to have a try.
How about getting back to the topic :confused2
if you don't need a "live" site you could always try Microsoft's PWS (personal web server). It's a part of Win2k, not too sure about the others. That will let you try out things as much as you want and not anger the host when you accidently code an endless loop :).

As far as free hosts go...
dotnetplayground is nice and has FTP but they're meant for testing sites only. Don't think they make any guarantee about being around indefinitly.
Brinkster has been around for a while now. They don't offer FTP but that shouldn't really be that much of a deterrant. They also offer paid hosting so I'd assume they do have a steady income to support their free hosting.
freeasphost.co.uk I've never used personally but they seem alright. They limit signups to 5/day starting at a specified time. While it might be annoying when you just want to sign up it's a way of keeping themselves from getting overcrowded. :) The added advantage of them is that you can use ASP to send email. Downside is a 250Mb traffic limit/month but if you're just wanting to test things out that should be enough. (They do allow FTP)

I'll add 7host.com as well since a fair number of people use them but they show ads on your pages.

How about getting back to the topic
better? :p

(Edited to add that if you're just starting out it's best to stick to MS's asp and not one implemented on another OS. They do have some limitations and most tutorials/tips/available scripts are going to assume they're going to be used on MS's ASP and if something doesn't work you'll have a harder time trying to figure out if it's someplace you went wrong or some limitation of the 'clone' ASP)
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