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Free domain ?


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Is there some way that I could get any of these domains for free ?
The site I need this for is a site that talks about tech we make online video games and other products. If someone could offer this please contact me. by posting a reply.
I was get a hindimaja.com at free of cost from somewhere but later they deny to give me access to my FTP account or domain(was PR3 but later someone buy this and park my domain)

This is true story of free .com services. :(
Do you need a free TLD and a free VPS then?
What is your age, sex and where do you come from? I might be able to give you a little start.
But my website name (money making online related) should be all over the place as well as my adsense code and all donations should go to me as well.

I am not a webhost, I guess you could see me as a potential investor, as I should put my own hard earned cash in it. In return I want every to have every penny your website makes.

I am willing to give the TLD a free push to your name after a couple of months or when I got my money back + 1000 % of my investment.

I think that is pretty fair, as I am talking a risk here.
And I am the only one offering, so you have basicly no choise.
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Wait what

what are u saying? Are u wanting to put ads on my site exchange for a domain and vps hosting is this correct or what are u saying I didn't get a thing you :p said
Yes, thats what I said, kind of.
I might want to invest in your little project.
But I would like some proof of your game first, like screenshots and pieces of code.

I also would like to know your age and the country you come from.
Are you still going to school? Or what kind of work do you do?

I want a link to my website on your home page and my adsense code all over your website.
I also want the donations you get from the game/vps.

So, you won't earn a single cent from it.
You can just develop your game without having any costs.

Also why are you asking my age 0_o i'll think about it , also well the game is suppost to be free just get money with donations . I like your offer but I don't want to give you all my information that is what I don't agree with. I don't mind ads and giving you money but just don't want to give you my info besides basic things that you contact me with .
Well, in that case ignore my offer and good luck finding someone else.

I just wanted to see if you where seriously looking for an investor for your project, or just some random kid looking for a play spot.

I am guessing that you are just some kid with some stolen code from an other game and that you call it your own game.
Some kid thats going to fool around with it for 3 weeks and then basicly drops the whole idea.

As I was about to invest about €200 a year in you and your game, I think I should know a lot more about you then just your username. As you don't have a reputation yet on FWS and only 11 posts.
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Well look I am not over 18 that is true . My code is not stolen one and also I am not some idiot. What I ment I don't want to give you huge information cause I just met you ok , so what if your a thief what do you think is going to happen to me ? I can give you stuff like email real name ways to contact me but like you didn't get what I ment I am sorry if I didn't describe myself correctly . Imagine yourself in my shoes would you just trust some random person ?
Imagine yourself in my shoes would you just trust some random person ?

Well, look at it from everybody else's perspective. You are basically asking for a random person to be a partner/investor for your "business". I call it a business for the fact that you are thinking you are going to make money in donations, etc. In fact, not only are you looking for a partner, you're looking for somebody to pay 100% of your expenses. You're asking for a domain here, you're asking for a VPS in the other thread. You're asking for somebody to spend good hard-earned money on you, so that you can screw around with your game, and you aren't willing to give any information in return?

What if you take all the donations and simply vanish, leaving the host with nothing? How are they going to contact you? How are they going to serve you with a subpoena to have you appear in court? ;) You're a minor and can't enter into a contract in the first place. I think you're out of luck. You're going to have to ask your parents for the $5/year for a domain name, and the few dollars a month for a VPS. If they won't help you, it's probably time to go out and mow lawns or wash cars so you can EARN the money to buy all this stuff yourself.
You do have a huge point sorry sander k . Also I wouldn't run with the donations i'm not like that :D . Also I am gonna try to get stuff for my project on my own if y'all can close the threads I made I apreaciate it sorry for everything. Well I also just got a domain so that's a start :D!
No, I don't think so.

Hey man,
I don't think so that anybody can get free domain. But if you need you can check .tk and .co.cc extension, its totally free. Or you can buy hosting and get free domain. Isn't some kind of crap?