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They have been taking pre-registrations for over a year now, I signed up with them and ordered a bunch of domains last spring, never even had a single email back. I suspect its a scam to collect contact details.
They're tying to get .free as a real extension and are tying to prove there is market for it.
At 1st I thought they are providing domain name registration service for example: .tk . Don't think they will generate much business with this kind of extension. Well, maybe if they set price to $1 per year lol
Google 'Dominique Alexander Piatti dotFREE Group SRO' and then leave them your email address :evilb:
one advantage of having .free domain is for those who give freebies or freeaways, such as free softwares, free apps, free games and free ebooks etc! .free will have its own benefits
There is no doubt that some people would want this, but there are literally hundreds of proposed domain names a year.

If this does become real, I sure hope its an open TLD.
.Free is cool but will it take advantages in SEO like i might open a site for always selling free hosting and free domain.
If i use with this domain extension to create one new site , will it help in SEO ?
But mostly free domain extension like.cc and so on which is not preferable from search engine which largely use for spam purpose.
Will it safe and good to use .free?
If this domain does ever come to fruition, I registered the best free hosting domains a long time ago.
I have also tried a few times to get a .free domain extension as I give a lot of freebies to my list of subscribers.

.FREE is a great extension if you are planning to actuallly get a list of subscribers.

You can later on upsell various services to them.
this is scam? what ur mean?
No this isn't a scam, but the website stands to make plenty of money.

Literally hundreds of domain name extensions are proposed each year. Very very very very very few make it to be real domain extensions.
This site (or company) want to be a sponsor this new .free extention. Have a large sponsor never hurts, and this site also allowed them to prove there is plenty of interest.
If (or when) it ever gets accepted, they will most likely be the authoritative registry of the .free domain and will make millions. (Similar to how Verisign controls .com and a few others)

If you pre register it seem that all that does is help them prove interest and give you first dibs on registering if it become a real extension.

It looks nice.
When compared to Co.Cc or .Tk.

Just to be clear.... There is nothing on their website that makes me think they will be giving these domain away. They will most likely cost money.