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Help with unmanaged box



I'm just interested what i'd need to learn to manage a red hat linux 7.2 box .. and how easy it is to install webmin / usermin .. upgrade php and stuff like that :confused:

i'm looking at getting a good old $99 per month server to play about with :devious2:

With that info and the NOC admin helping me i'm sure i'll pick it all up fast :cool2:

i'm getting a :

AMD Duron
40 GB 7200 IDE HD
300 GB multihomed data-transfer
8 IPs
Ensim Unlimited CP

for a good price ;)
looks good, other than the fact that ensim licks.

You will learn fast. I know i did. The learning curve was vertical. I dont ever really rely on the control panel any more.
Must agree Ensim sucks. It's slow as --- and it just took me 2 hours to restore one of the sites on my server that it screwed up while trying to simply change the DNS entries for it. Talk to your host and see if you can get Plesk out of them...

I sometimes regret having purchased LS 3.0, and where the update they promised that was going to be released the first half of April :(
Well its gonna have to do for me until i learn how to do all the stuff in SSH if thats what you even do it in :confused:

i might even ask for them to just install webmin / usermin instead :biggrin2:
I used webmin before I switched to Ensim, and if you're only hosting your own stuff, it's great, though takes some getting used to. Maybe Ensim can have a look at the webmin source code and learn a lesson :p In my opinion webmin could compete with the best payed CP if they worked a bit on the interface and made it a 3 level CP. Maybe one day they will get that far, we can but hope...

Switched to Ensim as I wanted to host other people and give them their own CP (+got a very nice price when buying it, otherwise I would have gone for Plesk, but me beeing a 'poor' student, the more cash I can save, the better). I'm just glad I'm not a commercial host using Ensim as their CP. I'll just stick with hosting a few sites for free...
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Originally posted by Haze
Webmin is very easy to install.. give me a shout if you need help.

if i need help i'll give you more than a shout .. i'll give you root access :rolleyes:

Anyways .. i'm not going with Rackshack thankgod .. i have nothing against them ... but they wouldn't help me install a html page let alone a friggin cp or help me slightly learn it ...

i found a provider which cares about its users :)
Originally posted by cdudeuk18

i found a provider which cares about its users :)

Good for you. There should be more of those hosts around (maybe there are, but I've just missed them)

I am with a host like that too. They are always available and willing to help, sometimes more than help. it's great.
Originally posted by Gayowulf

Good for you. There should be more of those hosts around (maybe there are, but I've just missed them)

I am with a host like that too. They are always available and willing to help, sometimes more than help. it's great.

who you with :confused2
Back several months ago my site was just getting popular. this was cool, but then my host died. this wasnt cool
I thought about what direction I should go in, and I decided to get a dedicated server. I put in a request at WHT, and a few hours later I was offered a 1.13GHz AMD Palomino with 512 mb ram and 500Gb/month for $89 per month. I couldnt pass that deal up.

Untunately the host was so backlogged in making the servers that I would have to wait for a few weeks before I could get one. I was given the option of being temporarily hosted on a RaQ4. I accepted. I was on the RaQ for a month, and I certainly had my share of problems; lucky for me I had a host that cares about users.
I was hacked twice (partly my own fault) and my partner was severely overloading the server.
My host's bandwidth provider, C&W then tripled the price for their bandwidth. There went my 500Gb/month :(
I got in contact with my host and asked "WTF is up, why havent you made my server yet?" I forget what they told me, but whatever it was, I wasnt happy with it
I was now without a server and somewhat angry. Eventually my host got back to me and said they could make me a server, but, again it would be awhile. I reminded them about the original offer, and politely stated that it had not been fulfilled. My host was quite embarassed, which I can understand. The owner somehow managed to get an AMD Athlon 1.4 GHz machine from a some contact in Virgina. I was impressed with that. I suggested he have FreeBSD an Plesk installed. He agreed, which was cool. the fact that there was no setup fee was cool too. I then realized that i was going to have to pay an a lot of money for the 300+ Gb of bandwidth i would need. (the inflated C&W prices) I once again got in contact with the NOC and we talked about this for awhile. It turned out that my host had some colo space available at Exodus. They gave me a deal there, and I accepted it. So I am now happily hosted for a low price in a good facility. I had to go through quite a bit to get there, but so did my host. They easily could have said "---- you, you're too much trouble, or stopped replying to me emails, or bleoked me on AIM, but they didn't. A tech or the owner checks in with me at least once a week to make sure everythig is ok, and if i have a problem it is fixed withing a couple hours. Times are good

That was my hosting experience up to this day. Unedited and condensed for difficullt reading :)