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Host with sub-domains


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I'm looking for a host that supports sub-domains/extra domains, have a great amount of space, around 200-300MB, enough or unmetered bandwith. Also, CGI, PHP, MySQL access. Price isn't really a huge concern, but something around $12-30. The site I need it for will use CGI to dynamically provide pages, with plans to upgrade to PHP/MySQL as the site gets bigger.

Right now I have my eye on Burlee.com's unlimited(or Basic plans.


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well, a lot of hosts have unmetered bandwith on html files because it not a big resource on the server, but then say, 10GB of bandwith on images, scripts etc.

Anyway, I said enough or unmetered bandwith. So anywhere from about 5GB-unmetered.

Ron Seigel

Have you ever considered actually figuring out how much bandwidth you really need first? It's really not that hard to do. Figure out the actual useage and then triple it to make sure there's plenty. Most people will never even use 1gig/month. Why ask for 'unmetered' when you won't need it? That's just asking for trouble. Most 'unlimited' hosts offer much less bandwidth than those that tell you up front what you get.


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I'm not sure how much I will need because the site isn't live yet. I want to find a host that has everything I need, or will need, so I don't have to keep on moving servers as the site gets bigger.


Take your site to http://www.tera-byte.com ask them to switch widlcards on use a subdomain script and point the subdomains at subfolders of your domain :).

Upgrade your account with tera-byte as you go along. They offer upto 40gb bandwidth on shared hosting anymore than that and you should really go dedicated.


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i hosted with them once before. they support just about everything and have low prices. the only downtime i experience (with their 99.5% uptime guarantee) was this one night about 2:00 am for about 4 minutes.

they have 2 subdomains but allow wildcards.. for a one-time low fee. i had wildcards on and used a script to make the wildcards just like subdomains using subfolders.

TC Tan

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Is DigitalSpace Realible?

Jerry just recommend DigitalSpace. I go to their site and I think that the price is quite low. I just wondering how realible are they? Is their site load fast? I ask this question is because I'm looking for new hosting company for my new site.


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I actually just switched my site over to digitalspace [plasticsword.com] and signed up for the Starter plan, 10MB space, 2.5GB bandwith... 1 year, $36... I did that because I'm not done with the site, and Instead of having it on Hypermart or Virtualave to test things out, I'll have it on digitalspace.

After the site is done though, I plan on moving to another host for the live and running site, so I'm still looking.


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Where can I find the (or any such) script described above? I am referring to the wildcard subdomain script.



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Host with subdomains

If you haven't found a solution yet, GetWebspace.com offers (pardon the word) "unlimited" subdomains, as well as Perl and Python CGI scripts. We do not advertise MySQL packages, but it is something we can give you. We are also adding ASP and PHP in the next week. With multiple OC12's at our data center, we can certainly grow with you.

Look over our site and email what you want, and I will make you an offer.


Please note, I own GetWebspace.com.

Forgive the spam, but he asked, and didn't seem to have found a host yet. *shrug*