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Merry New Year!


tandoc tandoc
It's 12AM in the land of Oz, and I'm sick at the moment, slept from 12PM-7PM and have no signs of going to sleep... therefore I will post about the New Year!

My New Year's Resolution: 1600x1200

Yeah well, it's 10:58 AM here in CST on Friday the 31st, so I still have a whole day to go through. But happy new year to everyone!

And my new year resolution is: 640 x 480 xD
How is everyone going to celebrate the new year?

Last night I went skating with a bunch of my friends, then got messed up on DXM. Soo.......I can imagine tonight I will go skating and end up even more messed up on DXM than I was last night since it's NEW YEARS EVE. Woohoo!

A note to all who read this: NEVER ever do DXM. NEVER. It is horrible for you. I'm serious. :angry2:
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Why the hell would you abuse yourself by using DXM recreationally ?

And also why the hell would you tell a bunch of strangers on an internet forum ?
I don't know what DXM is, but it sounds bad! :D

Anyhow, I'm having some friends over. We'll probably play Halo all night long. So not doing much, really.
Yeah well, now it's 5:55 PM (while I'm typing), and I still think that celebrating the new years this way is not that great. For me, tomorrow is just another day.
Happy New Year! :biggrin2:

In honor of the New Year, I ate Chinese take-out in order to get a fortune cookie. I had General Tso's Chicken, my favorite :classic2:

I was hoping for a fortune that might shed light on my future destiny.
Who writes these fortunes? Read what was in my cookie tonight:

There is not greater pleasure than seeing your lived ones prosper.

Yep, I'm sure glad to see the "lived ones" prospering, because I don't know how well the dead ones are doing.
I had the best New Year's ever...

both my parents went to sleep early with 'headaches', which i'm pretty sure they did you sick sick puppies, and i stayed up all night matching a becker marathon and man show marathon, occaisionally checking what was on cartoon network - needless to say, it was fun.

i don't even remember last years one, but i can't imagine it being too exciting if I was there D:
I had the worst new year ever.

No countdown on Singapore TV. Thank God I have cable, I tuned in to Taiwan's countdown.

My New Year's Resolution: 1024x768