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Mod Scam, Mods Please Update, Is This A Scam Or What?.

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holydevil said:
but d main thig is v got his paypal ac from that we can come 2know who is he

Really, so you feel he is that big an idiot to provide you information what he is seeking from you ! :eek2: :p

Try it.

If its genuine then let me know who he is and I'll get his big a** deported to Mars. Someone told me that they are recruiting idiots at present.

If the paypal is false, then i think mars people can have you for services, lol

He was using .net addy of FWS and it was not verified becasue he can not verify unless he checks the email addy, which he never had.

He tried to break into my paypal and paypal quickly sent me notice about forgotten pass, and I realsied it in quick time. I immediately changed pwd, though pwd he tried was fake , lol
I gave him wrong pwd for forums as well.

Scam was well crafted, I was in doubt and told I would talk to Peo and asked him/her to mail me the offer of Mod job, but still i gave him/her paypal. I thought he/she would deposit some money in it, as my paypal is in need of funds , lol

Just let me know who did this and I'll paypal them 10,000$ along with ownership ( complete ownership) of my 50+ domains. GUARANTEED!! . :) and all that taxfree. >> NO SCAM , lol

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OMG it happend to me too OMG lol ---- im scared i gave him my paypal email not password then i got a invatation in my mail asking to change my password OMG lol what a idiot i closed convo before i could copy n paest n before i saw this post
He did it to me too. I like having fun with these stupid SOB's, leading them on.

Edit: So I continued chatting so I could get a bit more info about him, he was persisting about my bank account number, pin, paypal address, all that.

I was trying to get him to go on FWS and PM so you could know his IP, but I haven't suceeded yet.

HOWEVER, I did manage to get his phone number which does work, +20129559232. Also, upon a reverse phone, it cannot be traced, but you may be able to do something with it.

Hope it helps.
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I didn't get one of those b/c I don't have my contact info on profile. However, there is a rash of PayPal scams going on. I got an email from supposedly Paypal but it came to an email address that is not listed on my Paypal account. I wrote Paypal and they told me it was a fake. Moments later, I got the forgotten password email. Sad that people do things like this but we have to be careful on things like this. If you feel its fishy, report it to the company.
It's now not possible for new members to see other members profile info at FreeWebspace.net. That might keep some similar abusers away.
Darn, no fun. I was hoping I would get that message and could be a smart-you-know-what back to him, trick him into getting an IP addy and report him.
OMG he got me! My PayPal account was wiped... he got into my gmail and changed the password, then used it to change the password on PayPal!!!!! I had to call PayPal in the US (a very expensive international call) and they say all the payments will be refunded...

Stoopid Me! AND I volunteered to moderate for free!

hehe.. I just played with him for a while. I said my username was "GFUS"

D+ says: stands for GO ---- UR SELF! busted!
Scam - and I lost out!

Read this and perhaps you'll be more careful than I was - I lost over $1300 to this guy!

| Session Start: 07 February 2006 |
| Participants: |
| Cameron-{Workin'} (webbie@****************) |
| ...t (E-mail Address Not Verified) (webmaster@freewebspace.net) |
[00:11:26] Cameron: hello there, can I help?
[00:11:34] webmaster@fr: yeah brb
[00:18:16] webmaster@fr: Hello
[00:18:22] webmaster@fr: Do toy want to be a moderator ?
[00:18:34] Cameron: are you looking for staff?
[00:18:42] webmaster@fr: you get paid 300$ a month
[00:18:43] webmaster@fr: yes
[00:18:46] webmaster@fr: we add new staff
[00:18:54] Cameron: lol I'd love to
[00:19:01] webmaster@fr: what is your username ?
[00:19:06] Cameron: pjashley1
[00:19:17] webmaster@fr: what password you want it to be like ?
[00:19:31] Cameron: erm... ******** is the one I normally use
[00:19:41] webmaster@fr: ok
[00:19:51] webmaster@fr: where would you want us to send you he salary
[00:20:00] Cameron: what method do you use
[00:20:10] webmaster@fr: we use wire transfere
[00:20:14] webmaster@fr: instant deposit
[00:20:23] webmaster@fr: what is your bank account number ?
[00:20:44] Cameron: does it have to be a US account?
[00:20:58] webmaster@fr: are u in US ?
[00:21:02] Cameron: nope
[00:21:08] webmaster@fr: what is your paypal ?
[00:21:13] Cameron: *******************
[00:22:01] webmaster@fr: No it hasnot to be in a US ..
[00:22:47] Cameron: how do you know I'd be any good
[00:23:15] webmaster@fr: we choose alot of members addys
[00:23:30] webmaster@fr: as we wanna add new staff urgently soon ..
[00:23:39] Cameron: why so soon what's happened
[00:23:48] webmaster@fr: Nothing
[00:24:05] webmaster@fr: just I want it to be soon
[00:24:14] Cameron: fair enough
[00:25:48] webmaster@fr: so do u have a bank account ?
[00:25:59] webmaster@fr: so we can deposit money instntly
[00:26:03] webmaster@fr: instantly*
[00:26:10] webmaster@fr: are u there, sir ?
[00:26:20] Cameron: it's not a good idea to give those out over MSN
[00:26:29] Cameron: I don't even know you
[00:26:36] webmaster@fr: It's s bank number
[00:26:38] webmaster@fr: normal thing
[00:26:42] webmaster@fr: ok
[00:26:45] webmaster@fr: send it to
[00:26:53] webmaster@fr: matrixette@gmail.com
[00:27:08] webmaster@fr: Sent ?
[00:27:10] Cameron: I think I'd better not actually
[00:27:17] webmaster@fr: oh ok
[00:27:24] webmaster@fr: as u like
[00:27:29] webmaster@fr: I will appoint you now
[00:27:32] Cameron: I don't mind modding for free
[00:27:36] webmaster@fr: what section would you like ?
[00:27:47] Cameron: free section?
[00:27:47] webmaster@fr: ok
[00:27:51] webmaster@fr: :)
[00:27:52] webmaster@fr: Oki
[00:28:01] webmaster@fr: what section you want to moderate ?
[00:28:18] Cameron: free hosting offers or paid hostingoffers
[00:28:23] webmaster@fr: Ok
[00:28:30] webmaster@fr: Do you like FWS ?
[00:28:41] Cameron: what's that
[00:29:24] webmaster@fr: I mean
[00:29:25] webmaster@fr: are u really interested and promise to keep a
good forum ?
[00:29:25] webmaster@fr: I didn't know your name by the way
[00:29:26] webmaster@fr: :)
[00:29:45] Cameron: of course :p - and it's PJ
[00:30:20] webmaster@fr: wht is your father's name ?
[00:30:22] webmaster@fr: as I'm registering for you
[00:30:31] Cameron: *********
[00:30:42] webmaster@fr: is it his first name ?
[00:30:54] Cameron: yes
[00:31:00] webmaster@fr: ok
[00:31:19] webmaster@fr: can you provide me with a security answer nd
question please
[00:31:27] webmaster@fr: what's your fav show on tv ?
[00:31:31] Cameron: *******
[00:31:36] webmaster@fr: lol
[00:31:37] webmaster@fr: oki
[00:31:43] webmaster@fr: what's your mother maiden name ?
[00:31:46] Cameron: **********
[00:31:59] webmaster@fr: is it her maiden name ?
[00:32:05] Cameron: yes
[00:32:22] Cameron: all our family have first names for surnames
[00:32:31] webmaster@fr: Oh ok
[00:33:28] webmaster@fr: ok
[00:33:44] webmaster@fr: hold on till i finish registering for you
[00:33:48] Cameron: ok
[00:54:07] Cameron: why have you changed my gmail password
[00:54:47] webmaster@fr: No
[00:55:23] * webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified)
is now Offline
Gregr said:
any news on who this person is?
Just a minute ago we were enjoying chats and gossips. He or she had a cup of tea with me.

Here is the exclusive chat log, all rights reserved. :p
(13:07:25) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): mean me ?
(13:07:36) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): why ?
(13:07:40) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): why frud ?
(13:07:56) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: because you tried to enter my paypal account
(13:08:04) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): No
(13:08:07) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: YES
(13:08:18) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): what is ur paypal id ?
(13:08:24) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: what is yours ?
(13:08:35) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: why are you not verifying your messenger addy ?
(13:08:54) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): because we are updating
(13:09:04) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): I'll make paypal contact u now
(13:09:07) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: so, when you have updated talk to me then
(13:09:07) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): Please relax
(13:09:13) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): what is ur paypal addy ?
(13:09:21) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: what is your paypal ID ?
(13:09:26) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): mine ?
(13:09:29) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: yes
(13:09:33) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: who are you ?
(13:09:40) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): ebayseller6@hotmail.com
(13:09:43) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): I'm Jan
(13:09:49) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): :)
(13:09:51) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): yours ?
(13:10:04) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: Jan does not have paypal addy you provide
(13:10:14) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: She paypaled me 20$ yesterday
(13:10:15) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): It's for ebay

(13:10:19) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): :)
(13:10:26) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: no she doesn't have that paypal ID
(13:10:26) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): What's ur paypal addy ?
(13:10:53) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: why you want my paypal ID ?
(13:11:04) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): I'll make paypal coontact u
(13:11:09) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: for what ?
(13:11:09) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): to prove my self right

(13:11:13) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: no need
(13:11:17) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: its been reported
(13:11:21) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): just what is ur paypal?
(13:11:22) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: they have all records
(13:11:24) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): :)
(13:11:30) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: I had wrd with them on phone
(13:11:38) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: so, they will sort it out
(13:11:46) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): can u imply me something ?
(13:12:00) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): what does Under Deposit mmeans ?
(13:12:09) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified): is it pending deposit ?

(13:12:46) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: and you are Jan ? :shame: :shame:
(13:13:00) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified) has closed the conversation window.
(13:13:03) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: http://freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=85092
(13:13:04) scriptinstallers@gmail.com: you are busted
(13:13:07) webmaster@freewebspace.net (E-mail Address Not Verified) logged out.

(c) Tanderson,2006.

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Though many of you know about security, still go thru these guidelines for safety.

Website Security

Type in the PayPal URL: To safely and securely access the PayPal website or your PayPal account, open a new web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Netscape) and type in the following: https://www.paypal.com/

Password Safety

Never share your PayPal password: PayPal representatives will never ask you for your password. If you believe someone has learned your password, please change it immediately and contact us.

Create a secure password: Choose a password that uses a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. For example, $coo!place2l!ve or 2Barry5Bonds#1. Avoid choosing obvious words or dates such as a nickname or your birth date.

Keep your PayPal password unique: Don't use the same password for PayPal and other online services such as AOL, eBay, MSN, or Yahoo. Using the same password for multiple websites increases the likelihood that someone could learn your password and gain access to your account.

Email Security

Look for a PayPal Greeting: PayPal will never send an email with the greeting "Dear PayPal User" or "Dear PayPal Member." Real PayPal emails will address you by your first and last name or the business name associated with your PayPal account. If you believe you have received a fraudulent email, please forward the entire email—including the header information—to spoof@paypal.com. We investigate every spoof reported. Please note that the automatic response you get from us may not address you by name.

Don't share personal information via email: We will never ask you to enter your password or financial information in an email or send such information in an email. You should only share information about your account once you have logged in to https://www.paypal.com/.

Don't download attachments: PayPal will never send you an attachment or software update to install on your computer.

Use Your Account Wisely

Don't share your account: Don't use your PayPal account to collect or transfer money for someone else. These types of activity are often conducted as forms of money laundering or mail fraud and may result in significant criminal penalties. If someone contacts you and asks you to transfer money on their behalf, you should deny the request and contact us immediately.

Increase your security: Become a Verified PayPal member.

Look for legitimate sites: Examine all privacy and security seals before doing business with a particular website and make sure they are legitimate.

These are security tips from paypal but many times just ignored.

As you see he/she was interested in my paypal addy and even assures me that paypal will send email assuring me.

Don't be fooled if you receive mail from paypal addy.

This idiot is just using Billy boy's lopp holes and may use PHP script to send you email acting link paypal itself WHICH IS DANGEROUS or MAY BE.

BE CAREFUL is all i say.

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Is it a group that is doing it because Craig and TM got their messages at the same time. What time did you people get your email?
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