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Need Free Reseller


New Member
I want to start my own hosting company, but I am too young to buy one!!

Please... I beg you, This is my Dream! Thank you

I am also willing to place Ads on the Homepage! :angel:
Maybe your Mother or Father can help you get started ;) Then they can be there for possible clients when you are at school.
Hah, yeah..

I MIGHT be able to help you, please let me know the specs you need, if it isn't to much I will. (Will suggest to get paid) we have fairly cheap reseller plans. As low as $4.60monthly
Starting a Hosting company isn't that easy as you think mate, and it isn't that cheap either,

I think you are asking for a bit too much, As Jan said, Maybe your mother and father can help you up with this and you 3 can be partners ;)

Also just how young are you?
How about you arrange to share the profits with the host in exchange for the reseller? That usually works out :)
OK, I will put banners on the site homepage


I will give 50% of profits to whoever gives my company (which will probs be nothing because I cant sell by paypal) and this will also continue untill im older too!

Please... I only want a quite small company, maybe 5GB space and I wont sell free hosting, I will sell Post2Host and Cheap Paid hosting.

I beg of you!
ok, i will help you as long as you put my google ads on your site! please pm me if you are still interested!
ok, i will help you as long as you put my google ads on your site! please pm me if you are still interested!

hmm... I can't PM in this Forum for some reason... But I am interested and I am willing to place Google Ads on my Homepage

I also want to forward a .co.cc Domain onto it and want Unlimited Accounts. Is that OK?

Thanks in Advance! :)
Use. Adtoll, They pay through paypal. and they pay you pay Clicks' or i think The Advertiser pays you by week. Not sure I did it and Got payed. decent just make sure your site has much traffice cause they show your rank
I might be able to help you out. I turn a Post 2 Host hosting company and we offer some good resellers for posting on the forums.
Here is one of our reseller packages that would suit you well I think:

Large Reseller
15 GB's Storage
125 GB's Bandwidth
100 of each Feature

300 Points Monthly

Or even better

This Is Free!? Reseller
25 GB's Storage
200 GB's Bandwidth
Unlimited Features

500 Points Monthly

You can get more information on our resellers at http://www.blackwireddesigns.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=7
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