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Needed a server to host my forum in the next few days, any help please??


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hi guys,
FIRST of ALL, I am so glad that I've found this site. been looking for places to find like this and only just found a few

but I'm searching for the best deal, havent found the right one yet

at the moment, I'm hosting a free server adult forum and would like to move it to a bigger server with bigger bandwidth,transfer rate. And ofcourse with much more features than the one I'm at. Please can you spare some time reading this and I'd be realy grateful if someone would point me to the right direction

my forum is and adult forum, we host pics, and vids, ILLEGAL MATERIAL IS A NO NO!!

what I'm looking for is:

20gb web space (might need more as I go)
600gb traffic (might also need more, as I go)
help installing it, or if theres a offer with free installation that would be perfect.
If not I'd have to go through my e-books again to try do it my self:tired2:
hope from the bottom of my heart that does'nt happen.
I'm also looking for a reliable server, don't wanna get me and my members hopes up and end up letting my members down with alot of server downs and stuff.
also reliable technical support

as I said, security is the most important thing, what ever the cost is, cuz my members are the most important thing to me and I don't wanna let them down, and ofcourse myself down as well

My budget is approx £100/anum, hope for less, but am still willing to pay more than thant if the cost is worth it.
I'm just not sure if this would be enough, but at www.siteground.com they have a tremendas offer 40,000mb web space [edited], 900gb traffic, with loads of other features, to bad they don't host adult content and don't wanna break there rules, for the sake of my forum staying on line.

sorry if my attitude is a bit out of place but I realy truly wanna do this and wanna do this right. I havent got alot of experience but I'm learning new stuff everyday, and am willing to carry on learning.
so if there is any information or support from you I would realy appreciate it!!

and one more thing, domain is not a problem as I've already registered a new domain at telivo, but a free domains won't harm:p

am looking to book in the next few days and move in about a week
so if anyone has got or knows about a good offer I would be realy glad and excited to here about it

Its a vBulletin board

Thanks for your time for reading this topic and god bless you all:beer:

best regard
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I think your budget is not large enough for a reliable 600 GB transfer account and if you do plan on using all of that then any hosts such as www.siteground.com will cause you difficulties later.

We do allow legal adult content on our shared account but can't offer you anything close to 600 GB transfer for that budget.


thanks for your quick reply:wave:
ok....how much can you offer me for a 600giga transfer

what about even 400

and what do you think I can get for the budget that I've got?
as I said I can tweak up the price a bit if its worth it.

and sorry for all the questions
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Hello mo_bi,

I too have a couple of questions.

Is your site currently hosted on a cPanel server? The transition from one server to another is easiest done when transfering to and from the same control panel. You'll find that most hosts are based on cPanel and they would very easily be able to transfer one cPanel site to another.

How much bandwidth do you currently use per month? Do you need the full 600 GB of monthly bandwidth?

These questions aside, the cheapest we could sell 600 GB of bandwidth for is around $60/month (roughly £30/month) or $660/year (roughly £330/year). It sounds like this is quite far from your budget, but I don't think many reliable hosts would sell as much bandwidth for any less.

Good luck in your search nonetheless :)
how many hits are you getting per day?

and can you get a memory usage quote for your account from your current host?

This info will allow us to create a nice cheap package for you.
Enterprise Plan

Cost $180.00 per year ($15.00 Monthly)
Cost $144.00 per year ($12.00 Monthly) - PM For This FWS Offer
Payment By: PayPal
PM For Other Payment Options

One FREE Domain
30 Day Money Back
Traffic 500GB
Disk Storage 45,000MB
24/7 Support
99.9% Uptime
SSH - Yes

Package URL
My oh my ohm if you don't want some host who oversells way to much and if you actually used that much would kick you for some other reason then I would say you would pay about $50 at least a month. We can offer you a custom plan at http://dotnamehost.com with that much space and transfer if you really wanted for at least $50 about half of a dedicated server. Then you would have it for real.
I can give you that for 150$/year
thats the best you can get from people who dont oversell
If you want this for less than 100 you can have it
but with very slow and overcrowded servers

make your choice !!
To people giving offers: Note that this is a forum he is running with that space and bandwidth. Please note that a forum of that size requires the CPU and Memory resources of a dedicated server. You most likely will not be able to squeeze him on with alot of other customers.

Ignore what some others have quoted you. 600GB of bandwidth WILL cost at LEAST $20 /month. So just over $200 per year. This figure doesn't take into account server fees, power fees, rack fees, support fees, staff fees, profit.

Anyone offering it for less will be overselling, and when you start to use the resources you have paid for, you and your website will be removed from the server with the host saying you are using excessive CPU time or resources.

If you realistically require that level of bandwidth you'll have to pay a realistic price.

We can offer you the following that is UK based with UK staff:
VPS Server
Centos 4.4
Full Root Access
30GB Disk Drive
600GB Bandwidth
Free account move
Initial server security setup
99.99% Uptime SLA
£30 per month

I hope this is useful. Please contact sales@real-hosts.co.uk to discuss further.

Kind Regards,