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NWH Networks Hacked

Unlucky. Throughout the time we've been open we've never been hacked.
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Notice it was a free user. You guys we have to watch out for these hackers that sign up for free accounts. It kills us enough to support them. And especially if they can move easily inside cpanel. I think from my point of view that we should limit free users inside cpanel.
One big problem is there are many scripts that allow clients to emulate a shell which allows them to change directories outside their home directory. Also another problem is many scripts that are not updated regularly and have several open holes that allow someone to do much more with the script than was ever intended.

One of my hosting accounts was circumvented because of a image hosting script I was using that became out of development. The intruder uploaded a script that allowed them to compile an eggdrop. This caused my account to be suspended. The hacker then left his calling card in form of an index.html in all of the directories of each hosted domain. If I remember correctly the script that was used was called PHP Shell or something similar.
Yeah we use to have a Image Hosting we removed it, found a Bug Shell or something similar to that so we removed the file along with the Image Hosting. That could had caused it but that was long time ago.. Not sure, however once Teppa remakes the accounts I will be sure to only use updated software.

I don't understand why the hotlinking message shows as it is a direct link.
Try http://www.swprozee1.com/nwhnetworks/teppa.jpg instead.

Read all your server logs to find out what the last action was etc.etc.
Really, these hackers should be caught, as this could destroy a new hosting instantly. Backups are so important...

At least I am glad to help you out with a temporary account on my free Dutch hosting.
Good luck !

Kind regards,
it doesn't work since it's being read a referred from here. so if you just copy and paste it in the browser youll see the image :D

sorry to hear that you've been hacked but glad that your back online!
I can't seem to access the site. :( I get a unable to find IP address error.

Also, I had more than 60 posts previously. Would I need to get all the posts again?
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Do I get the additional services with just the post need to host again?

Also, can you help me to access the site? Here's the full error:

While trying to retrieve the URL: http://www.nwhnetworks.com/

The following error was encountered:

Unable to determine IP address from host name for www.nwhnetworks.com
The dnsserver returned:

Server Failure: The name server was unable to process this query.
This means that:

The cache was not able to resolve the hostname presented in the URL.
Check if the address is correct.