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Reseller needed


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I'm lookin for a reseller that offers 40gigs of space and 600gigs to 1000gigs of bandwidth and unlimited eveything else for $25 to $30 a month and that allowed media and so on....

You would probably need a dedicated server for those server resources...

It is very unlikely that a company could offer you that and still pay their overheads.
I have a reseller right now that offers me 40gigs of space and 500gigs of bandwidth and so on... for 29.99 but the server got hacked and i need a new reseller because i'm not to sure if this one is goin to get back on line...
$30 for 40mb on just SHARED hosting is cheap IMHO letanone for a reseller acct. There are places claiming to offer unlimted reseller plans for under $50, the cheapest i've seen us US$25, but you have to look out for scams and make sure you read the TOS, AUP, etc. I wont post any here, because the locals dont like unlimited (;)) but im just letting you know they do exist but be careful. Back to your request, sorry to say but i doubt you'll get get a deal that cheap.
I like said i have a reseller right now that has 40gigs of space and 500gigs of bandwidth and so on

But someone hacked the server that i was on and i'm not to sure when the server well be back online..

I have had this reseller account for about 3 months now and this is the frist time that this has happen to me and the admin of the server....
It's impossible to offer that unless they heavily oversell (which appears to be the case). And with a price like that, it is unsurprising that they got hacked.
Yea... 400-1000 GB of Bandwidth? You need a Dedicated server, for for $30/month? Don't even think about it. If i may ask, who was this host of yours?
ishtar said:

This is the host that i got the reseller from.... but its down due to the hacking that has happen!..
And yet you wonder why they can't fix it and are looking for a new host, again, super-cheap. Don't any of you people realize that the REASON that you keep having to switch hosts is BECAUSE you keep trying to buy extraordinary plans at dirt-cheap, WAY WAY WAY below cost pricing. I just came back here, 1 DAY, and I haven't seen a single request that's even anything resembling a good minimum cost for hosting. All I've seen are these crazy I wan't everything for nothing, plans. Trust me, I used to be like you. Then I wised up to the situation.