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searching for reliable and fast host for small site


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i am searching for a reliable (99%-99,9% uptime) with a somehow fast connection.

would be great if host is also already in business for some time and well known.

Looking for space for 25-max.100MB and 1Gig transfer should be enough, cause don't get that many visitors..

I want to be able to host a domain with them (i can register it on my own, but they should offer dns and perhaps ip and also wanna have emails(2-5) and subdomains).

On one hand I am searching it for a friend with a small company and for my private site.
What company would you recommend? Please no replays from hosting companies.

And perhaps it would be nice to be able to get space/money by referring people... (but I don't think that I can refer a lot... only 1 in the beginning).

So what company is reliable??


Originally posted by frontbox
I can recommend you WebSiteWave.Net Web Hosting. They offer as you requested + personal DNS server + many other stuff.

more info @ http://www.websitewave.net/hosting

Ivan Petrovic

Humm, in one post you recommend this host..and in another you ask if anyone has experience??
Think this is pretty obvious!
Why don't you take a look at Hostmatters? I've been with them for about 4 months. Support and connection have been great so far. I think their Mini or Basic plan should suit your need just fine.
other suggestion?

hi, first thanks for the fast reply...
for me it seams that they are a reseller from
(but I may be wrong...)

I would love to get a host that is a real one and not just a reseller.
And what I am mainly looking for is, as I said quality!!
(reliable, service ok, well known and in business for some time)

I am afriad I was not stating clear enough. I don't need my own pesonal DNS-server. Just the posibility to host a domain and enter the DNS of the hosting company at the registrar.
(thinking of getting one .at domain)

What I also need is CGI and sendmail, but I think that is not really a question. Every quality host should offer that.

And regarding reselling or referring. That's not important for me. Was just an idea.

So please let me know about quality hosts.

Or what do people think about http://www.inode.at/
Guess US-host should be cheaper and there are sure some quality hosts out there...

Thanks again for your help in advance:)

I highly recommend...

HostCaters.com, I have hosted several sites with them and they have always exceeded my expectations. They offer everything you are looking for, plus they are not a reseller. Great customer service too, a definite winner!
I work for a small non-profit organization, and we have been with dynastyhost.com for a couple of months now--great service so far. Always up, alot of features and great speed. I highly recommend them!!
thanks so far

thanks for all the posts...

sounds good and cheap for me...

But there is some stuff that makes me think:
99.5% Uptime
BUT Logo with: 99.9% Uptime Garantee
What's the Uptime (grant)? Is it just something they write...

link to plans for reseller not set correct.

Registered with:
Dynasty Host
at NIC (but under billing is the real name: Van, Son
and got email from:

NOT saying that they aren't good:)))

guess he is a reseller of data center in Baltimore, Maryland (cause he website owner is in Arizona)
so if they are good he is great, too:))

it's just that not everything seems sound...
They are good. But can be even more better if I can get my cheque from them. It is almost 3 months until now...
I have a feeling the discrepancy between the 99.5% and 99.9% is a typo...I never noticed the other stuff. But so far, they have been up as far (as I can tell) 100% of the time. Also when I had a question about my account, they responded right away which I like. I believe there is also a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren't completely satisfied, which is a perk! We tried to go the route of free hosting, but we have had so many problems, that we decided to go to pay hosting and it was the best decision we ever made.

i guess so, too, BC. And I think I really care to much about the website of the provider...
It's great to hear that their response time is great. That's really improtang...

And free hosting is really not great...(ads:-(, no cgi,...)
Although the uptime is great with the free host I sign up for testing (akersche.50megs.com) And now I got cgi from virtualave.net (but they got so many ads:-(()

Now I still got my free account at university, which is great (ad-free, but cgi doesn't work (no sendmail)).
So I got some time to make a decision.

And I guess I am doing a web-site for a friend and he needs a ad-free and reliable host (also affordable). But still got some time to decide for that, too.

And the opinions of all of you help me to make a good decission.

Greetings and thanks Arno
Your welcome! I think the few things I have learned from these forums are you get what you pay for. I'm not saying you have to pay $50 a month for a good web host, but on the other hand, if you only pay $1-2 per month for hosting you are probably not going to get quality service..I mean they can't even make money charging that low of a price! Same with free hosting...they aren't really losing any money, so I don't think there is always motivation to provide quality hosting. ( I realize there are some exceptions!) Good luck and let us know how it goes!
Re: thanks so far

Originally posted by akersche

Maryland (cause he website owner is in Arizona)

I was wondering about that... I was at a Fry's Electronics here in Phoenix, a couple of months ago, and there was a Jeep in the parking lot with "DYNASTYHOST.COM" across the back window. Figured either the owner lived here or he had a really devoted customer. :)

And BTW... I use http://www.tera-byte.com and they are reasonably priced a pretty reliable. :)
thanks to all of you for your input.
Perhaps you are interested what I am thinking so far. And can comment on that.
I know that I am defenitly designing a web-site for a friend. Guess he needs not that much space (10-15MB, but also he would need an email account (again 10MB). And the offers that I looked at provide all I would like -domain hosting with ip and cgi- got about 100MB space. (Guess it's ok, so he can extend and add pictures.
His business is gonna be in Austria and most of his customers, too. But I believe we are better off with an US or UK host. (Germany or Austria is more expensive and connection to UK and US is good).

tera-byte.com seems ok and they are cheap: $9.25 for 99MB
But they are in CA and I heard that there have been problems for US/Europe in the past (but it's fixed).
But what me makes worry is: no grant for uptime
And I guess they host spaceports.com(FSP), whish seems not to be good.

This one looks ok, we discussed it already
http://dynastyhost.com/economy.html $14.95 for 100MB (grant for 99,9% uptime; checked with them about uptime)

Here are two hosts, which I think are really great:

http://www.webhosting.com/ $19.95 (if paid yearly) 125MB grant for 99,9%uptime and are a real host!(whoismyhost.com)
The only thing that makes me worry is "Unlimited Data Transfer or Hits". How can they say so? They state they don't host xxx or warez, so I guess they can deal with the transfer...
Would appriciate input on that, cause I think I will go with them:)

http://home.verio.net/ sounds great, but it's expensive! (min of 99%uptime)

(took a look at: http://www.hostindex.com/voteresults.shtm)

For UK, I think this one is really great and price is about the same as webhosting.com. It's closer to Austria, but I think US should be ok, too!
http://www.kdawebservices.com/plans/ $220 annually for 100MB

If someone is interested in German hosts, take a look at:
I guess inode.at is a good Austrian host.
(So if my friend definetly needs German support... But I think I have to deal with that for him anyway.)

For my private site I am still thinking about http://www.worldzonepro.net
(cause it's cheap and ok for that prize)

Sorry I wrote all details...