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tForum and vBulletin


Okay, these are two really great, professional-looking php bulletin boards. So, one costs nothing, the other $160. They both look alike (almost the same, to me, except they changed colors and stuff).

So here's my question... which one would you get??
According to Alex, vBulletin doesn't cost anything ;).

I'd go for tForum :D, and then if it didn't suit me go for vB.
vB is free but with limited features, if you want to full copy you either pay $85 a year or one time fee of $160, which I think is a bit ridiculous. tF is free all the way and looks a lot like vB, features pretty much the same too.
What about those YaBB and Ikonboards? Are they good too? I'd also like to know which one is the easiest one to setup and also most customizable?
Re: Another question....

Originally posted by LeX
Which one's better, CGI or PHP bulletin boards?

It depends which script you are using, Ultimate Bulletin Board (CGI) has alot of features, customizable and you can hack, add or modify the code. I think its the best one. I dont know much about vBulletin but I know its made in PHP3 and its faster than UltimateBB. PHP3 scripts in general are much faster than CGI.
Once again: The perl and php are same as quick. But UBB uses an inefficient way of coding and uses flat text dbs instead of mySQL databases as vB and tF do. That's why vB and tF are faster than UBB
Blaze Board is the most inefficient and slow board I have ever seen using PHP! Also, vBulletin uses up about 3-4 times less space than UBB for storing messages and stuff. So you get to fit more messages in a smaller amount of space, which is usually good.
You can also try http://www.phpbb.com
<<Original message deleted by me>>

Okay, now I know what the problem is (actually, I don't), it has nothing to do with phpbb.com, my IE5.5's just fuktup right now, that's all.


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