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even i'm not that big of a dumbass to even consider signing up to yupapa, blech..
Originally posted by YUPAPA
That is not a DHTML menu, that's Java Script!

sorry to correct you, in fact, the expression 'DHTML' just stands for Dynamic HTML and is mostly controlled via Javascript. So both is right, it is a DHTML menu implemented via Javascript.

And btw, watch your posts, you sound a lil untrustworthy.
OK, first of all, until you know the entire background, you can't simply assume his service is doomed to failure before it even gets started.
Second, although I wouldn't even consider placing a business site on a FWP, those that are just running a personal site really don't have all that much to lose by taking a chance on him... Hey, if you already have a page on Geocities, leave it there and set up a mirror with the new service.
Third, He doesn't have ads but as near as I can tell, he isn't offering any guarantee that there won't be ads in the future. If you insist on ads, join Crosswinds... the (formerly guaranteed ad free) multi pop-up web provider.
And last... Who can tell... He may succeed and end up buying Yahoo, Crosswinds, AOL, and Microsoft
Good to see there r some ppl being fair to the dude, it ain't fair to say he's gonna close down when he just kicked off the service.
Honestly same here.

But he said its gonna b done soon, and I hope that is soon cuz I don't wanna wait for long.
This thread is funny and irritating at the same time. OK, so we got different opinions on whether he will survive or not. One person tried with all his might to warn others not to use this service while the others enthusiastically sign up for his service (that's the funny part). Fine. Why don't we let him do whatever he wants, with or without banner, since it's his own business. I admit he's got unusual marketing campaign (that's the irritating part). But if anything happen, DON'T COMPLAIN here since I think all of you are experienced enough in the FWP world to know what to expect from this service
please use my message board to message me...
everyone hates me now!!!... but I still have lots of members... hehe!

so u have your century-- 100 not out-- well done

i will be looking for a double century .. ;)

now where is the page i found on the main page but i could not find any page thati can msg him. so will u give me a EXCAT LINK to my that page..
ok guys is this really going to go on past 10 pages? this is the longest thread i have seen yet
I had to stop reading after the first few pages, and felt like saying something. First, YUPAPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, "Your Business, our expertise", "Free hosting is mainly for people under 18."

Why make a profesional looking site with the name YUPAPA??!

Second: Who cares if it doesn't last! If you aren't hosted, the site has no signifigance to you. Yes gcsnet was good, and I admit I was surprised by the sudden fall of it, I expected at least an email warning...you know, so I could save my iB template.

And you will lose money trying to have ad free hosting. I have learned that ad free hosting doesn't last. Well, pretty much any offer that is good doesn't last.

Anyways, since I am always searching for a good host, I may sign up once the Unix plan is up(cgi-bin).
Even if a fwp puts 10 banners on every single page of yours, they're still not going to make much money.
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