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Webvõrk — Look at the CPA in a new way


Summer’s getting closer, so you better work your hardest now to be able to relax on the beach during off-season months!

And our TOP approved offers will help you decide which offers can help you earn good money for your luxurious vacation

First place this week is taken over by Prostatricum Plus in Italy. This offer’s approval rate was 53%. The second spot goes out to Varilux Premium with a 43% approval rate.
Parazax Complex got the third place. In Austria, this offer was able to make a 39% approval rate.

Follow out TOP offers and earn that coin!



Affiliate marketing digits

Hi everyone! We always monitor telegram group chats to know what’s relevant for you guys.
Recently we found out that many publishers don’t really know what a white page is.

This article covers the meaning and essence of white pages, as well as how to create one.

Read it here: https://bit.ly/3dWmRsv



Hey everyone! Today we’re interviewing a young but pretty well-known group of publishers – the RPT Team :cool:
These guys we able to successfully adapt to the pandemic’s challenges and generate 800-1500 leads daily ;)

RPT is just affiliate marketing with no bluffing and empty phrases about unbelievable incomes. These are ordinary guys from small cities that simply live their lives, know a ton of insights regarding Facebook, do what they love, connect with their audience,
and try to help them whenever they can. They were happy to be our interview guests, so enjoy.

Find the interview here: https://bit.ly/39XD2V8

Hope you’ll like it!


Hey guys! Here’s a fresh list of Webwork’s best offers!

Today’s top offers start with Varilux Premium that got a 46% approval rate in Italy.
Second place goes out to Idealis, the weight loss product. It’s approval rate was 42% in Austria.
Third place is owned by Prostatricum with a 36% approval rate in Italy.

Follow our top offers and get your coin!

Vk ENG (7).jpg


The first rule of a successful creative is its originality. And the second one is quality!

We have united two of these definitions in our today’s column called “Webvork products photos”

Today you’ll be looking at the Varilux Premium promotional photos.
This offer has been ranking first in our list of top approved offers for the last couple of weeks!

Link to the promo: https://bit.ly/3mJqA0b

Use these photos for your landing pages, or use them in your creatives for better conversion rates!



Hi everyone! Today we’re talking to Denis Zhitnyakov, the creator of first-class DOLPHIN software.

Denis’s agreed to talk with us and shred some of his goals for the future regarding his systems and affiliate career.
He is an experienced specialist and just a great guy, so it’s no surprise this interview turned out to be super interesting!

Read the interview here: https://bit.ly/3aabN9W


Mamma Mia! Italian weeks on Webvork!

We all love spring for its beautiful rebirth of nature and our renewed love for life! It feels so nice to bring
everyone positive emotions, as well as AWESOME OFFER SPECIALS!

Starting form today, Webvork increases payment rates for a range of offers in Italy:

ONIXAN — from €40
Artrolux+ — €40
Cannabisvital Oil — from €40
CYSTINORM — from €38
PARAZAX — from €35

But that’s not all — during this special offer we’re going to be doubling your coins for each lead on any offer in Italy!

Offer period from 19 April to 31 May.

Go get your profit!


Hey everyone! It’s time to meet our weekly list of top approved offers!

Last week Prostatricum in Italy showed the biggest success. Its approval rate was 40%.
The same approval rate was estimated by our weight-loss offer - Idealis.

Third place with an approval rate just 1% less than those two above, goes to Varilux Premium, the anti varicosis product.

Follow our list of best offers and earn your profit



We know that any Facebook affiliate’s pain in the neck is quality accounts.
Arguments about the right ways of account farming never seem to end! And at the end of the day, every publisher comes to the only true decision – they choose whatever always works for them. While we can only recommend you a well-tried seller.

fbforce.io account store is:
– 100% valid accounts;
– all sorts of Business Managers: limits, with or without fan pages, warmed up accounts;
– auto registered accounts that easily link up to Business Managers;
– Qiwi, bank card, Apple Pay payment.

And of course, Webvork got a bonus for you:
When buying accounts through the https://t.me/fbforce_bot bot, you get a 5% discount with the WEBVORK promo code!

Hope your launches go well!



Guys, it may be hard to believe, though this Sunday will bring us May, and May is almost summer! However, not everyone is fit for summer yet

Perhaps this is why out today’s list of top approved offers has our exclusive weight-loss products taking two places in it.

First place in the chart goes to Prostatricum for men. Its average approval rate in Italy was 44%. Second place is occupied by Idealis in Italy with a 41% approval rate.
Third position this week goes to Slim4Vit with a 29% approval rate in Spain.

Follow our top approved offers and earn your coin!



Steal like a real artist!

Well, at some point almost all the publishers peek at other affiliates’ ads and creatives through spy services, so why don’t we do it with a 20% discount?

Macaw.pro is a service that allows monitoring ads from such sources as Facebook, Instagram, and MyTarget. It can help you analyze
almost all the available-on-mobile offers on the market, check the efficiency of creatives, as well as trace various app’s promotions.

The WEBVORK discount code will give you a 20% bonus when buying your access package: https://macaw.pro

We care about you



Affiliate marketing digits

Hello to everyone!
Today we’re going to be talking about an important marketing element called pre-landing page.
We’ll tell you what it is, why it is so important, what you can do to get high conversion rates,
and enjoy your ad campaigns with at least 200% ROI.

Let’s go! ;)

Read the article here: https://bit.ly/2S3g6O0


Peace. Labor. Top!

Guys, this week’s list of top approved offers has faced significant changes. All three positions are taken by offers that were’t ranked this high last week.

First place goes to Parazax Complex with its 43% approval rate in Austria. Second position is owned by Italian Varilux Premium, 43% approval.
And the last offer in this top three is Artrolux + in Czech Republic with a 42% approval rate.

Follow our top approved offer list and earn that coin



Webvork opens a window to Europe!

Webvork has been a leader for the highest nutra rates in Europe for a couple of years already, and now we’re giving each of our publisher an opportunity to win an apartment in Europe!

«Window to Europe» is a contest the size and generosity of which is going to blow you away!
Affiliates participating in the contest can claim over:

• Stocks of International IT companies shares in denomination of 1 million rubles.
• Travel gift certificates.
• A real briefcase with 500.000 rubles in cash.
• An apartment in Europe!

Main prizes will be given away during the private final gathering in Moscow, December 2021.

Any participant can become a winner and all you need to do for this is drive traffic with any Webvork offer under CPA or CPL models, earning bonus points!

All the bonus points can be swapped for prizes from the WebvorkShop.

This way, each of the contest participants will be able to get a prize!

Want to know more about the contest? Go to the https://windowineurope.com website to find all the details.

Roll in right now and get the highest chance to have the beautiful prize because luck is a moody lady, don’t make her wait!



Let’s carry on with Webvork Italian weeks!

Dear publishers, this spring we decided to stuff your wallets with money real good. This is why you’re getting increased rates for a range of our bestselling offers in Italy, till the end of May.

Go to your personal account and generate traffic with the coolest rates that no one else will offer you:

ONIXAN — from 40€
Artrolux+ — 40€
Cannabisvital Oil — from 40€
CYSTINORM — from 38€
PARAZAX — from 35€

Offer period from April 19 to May 31.

And, in May we’re awarding you with two times more bonus points for leads from Italy! This is a great chance to speed up and swap coins for your prize from our WebvorkShop.

Have any questions left? Contact your personal manager, they will be glad to consult you regarding all the special offers and will help you with your ad campaigns



Creative Room — your source of inspiration!

Varicosis can be a very clingy thing to deal with, and unfortunately, many people have to face it daily. Varicose is often considered a female disease, although it’s wrong to think so and no one regardless of their sex is immune to this.

Today’s article guest is our anti-varicose solution, VARILUX PREMIUM. Here, you will find all the necessary information about the offer, as well as examples of creatives for your ad campaigns!

Read the article here: https://bit.ly/3egt5od


While some people were chilling during the first days of May, others generated traffic, and here are their results!

First place of out list or top approved offers goes to Prostatricum Plus in Italy – 44%.
Second spot in the rating is taken by anti-varicose offer, the approval rate of which was 43%, Italian GEO.
Third place was won over by Artrolux+ in Czechia with a 40% approval rate.

Follow our top approved offer list and earn that coin



Wake up! Webvork’s got a cool new offer!

Guys, Facebook is rough and not everyone can succeed at driving traffic to nutra,
so here’s a new safe offer for you that will pass any moderation

Black Pearl is a unique sleep mask. It helps falling asleep faster, improves one’s sleep,
lowers stress levels and nervous tension by the effects it has on eyes and the brain using magnets.

Offer link: https://bit.ly/3eDXzkp

Rates in Italy start from 30€!

Drive traffic to the new offer and participate the contest to win an apartment in Europe and a ton of other prizes!
More details here: https://windowineurope.com


Свежее ГЕО для масштабирования твоих связок...

... или для новых — здесь уже тебе решать, но попробовать лить на Швейцарию стоит!

Потому что это одно из самых платежеспособных ГЕО Европы, где покупка товара, который стоит 50-100€, воспринимается легко и не затратно. Следовательно, аппрув тоже на высоте. Остаётся только запуститься и получать профит по вкусным ставкам от 34€ за лид!

На данный момент открыты 4 оффера на Швейцарию:

• Slim4Vit
• Artrolux +
• Idealis
• Prostatricum

Попробуй наши бестселлеры на новом ГЕО!
А также не забывай, что все лиды помогают заработать тебе баллы в конкурсе «Окно в Европу», где главный приз - квартира в Испании, а победить может абсолютно любой вебмастер!


The “Window to Europe” primary sponsor – the DONT.FARM account store

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re happy to introduce you to the PRIMARY sponsor of our “Window to Europe” contest – DONT.FARM!


This project has won over many publishers’ that need quality affiliate supplies hearts. This company sells facebook/google/twitter accounts.

What are the advantages of dont.farm among other stores?

First of all, dont.farm provides a unique working model – accounts based on monthly subscription. The package includes:

Over 150 GEOs;
BM, Fan Page, Ad Account – for free;
Fast account replacement;
Possibility to link premium proxy;
A personal account manager;

This is a handy tool for affiliates created by affiliates!

During the “Window to Europe” contest, all publishers that use the services of the DONT.FARM, our primary sponsor, will get triple bonus points! So, that apartment will be even closer to you!

Sign up to DONT.FARM right away: https://bit.ly/2Quqjmo

More about the contest: https://windowineurope.com