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Why cPanel?


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I have seen many customers asking for only cPanel, I wonder why they find cPanel better then any other control panels?

What is your opinion on this?


CRM Consultant
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Clients are used to cPanel, so they ask for it. It's really that simple.

There have been times in the past, that our (Galaxy-Solutions) clients cannot afford cPanel on their dedicated server, so they pick VHCS. After a week, they are loving it even more than cPanel.


Yeah. I'm used to CPanel, so i'd rather have it. I know there are better panels out there, but as it's become the "standard", if you will, then Clients believe that it is the best Panel.


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cPanel to me is more user-friendly than other Control panels. Also users who don't know how to upload forum scripts like phpbb or SMF use fantastico in cPanel. So it's easier for them as it's instantly setup, for them. But cPanel is nice becuase it gives you detailed information about Traffic your site is recieving, and other nice features. :)


general the people I see who like cpanel and refuse to use anything else have never actually used anything else.

there are far better control panels than cpanel out there from both the user standpoint and the admins standpoint


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Cpanel is fast and easy to use and you will be quick to pick up the ropes with it.
It allows lots of control and the fantastico is great.


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Well, I haven't used cPanel for quite a while. I wasn't impressed with it all the last time I used it (cPanel 3), but maybe it has improved since then.


cPanel is a very popular web-based control panel. It is full-featured website development tools that help in your website's management using a graphical user interface. With the Cpanel, you can manage the important aspects of file management, FTP, backups, email management, domain and sub-domain control, user management network Tools, MySQL database administration, etc

Cain Brendon

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cPanel helps to manage your website with ease,all the basic functionalities are available at your fingertips.The User Interface is such that the users are drawn into it,there are many modules which have their own functionalities
,ex:File System:to manage files and backup,Domains-creation/addition of domains,Publisher-provide ready made templates that are needed to host a website,Database-to manage data and so on.
thus making cPanel a user friendly website development tool.
cPanel is good for those who want to save their time and cost.

Good due to the following feature:

  1. You can access multiple communication podiums and settings under this feature. Other features include flexibility of creating email accounts, delete emails, email messaging, email filtering and filter creation, email forwarding, automatic spam blocking and more.
  2. Clone your website to test any changes before you make
    it to your live site
  3. Most of the apps can be installed if your native language
  4. Well documented and easy to use API and SDK for your
  5. Use the File Restoration interface to restore items
    from backed-up files.
  6. Use the Backup Wizard interface as a step-by-step
    guide to assist you in backup creation.



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Customers prefer cPanel as the interface is very easy to handle,operations to be performed on your website are easily accessible in terms of modules on the cpanel.
Ex:File Manager-helps to create/edit files and for back-ups
Domains-help to add a domain/sub-domain.
Database-to create/edit/delete data.
Errors:to know website errors.
e-mails-to manage mails and redirects.
Softwares:to install any applications.

it depends from one user to the other,as to which panel they prefer.compared to plesk,cPanels are lower in cost.
The new cPanel pricing has led many in the web hosting world consider whether or not to continue with cPanel in the long run. But for now, a lot of cPanel customers have decided to stick to cPanel or offer alternate like DirectAdmin, Plesk, etc. to their customers.

manohar parakh

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Easy to learn
Easy to use
Saves time and money
Tried and tested
Includes software auto installers
Plenty of tutorials/support available online


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There are some reasons why most of the people prefer cPanel.
  • cPanel is very easy to install and use and rich in features and functions
  • Users will get to quickly and easily set up their email accounts
  • cPanel is compatible with different browsers without any problem
  • The users get features such as anti-virus and anti-fraud protection
  • cPanel can support third-party software add-ons to build dynamic and robust websites
  • Users will be able to transfer a website from a hosting company to another without technical problems
  • cPanel includes DNS Clustering system that provides for a more robust and hassle-free performance
We have relied on cPanel for managing sites for so long. cPanel’s popularity is because of easy management of websites, its integration with popular softwares like Softaculous, CloudLinux, JetBackup and much more.


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Do you all know about its uninstalller ?? Missing Uninstaller will just let you reinstall the VPS or servers . What about the data then in case you are at a nightmare ??