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Recent content by Jan

  1. Jan

    xenForo it is!

    Let me know when you figure it out :P Scary in there!
  2. Jan

    xenForo it is!

    And delayed again?
  3. Jan

    Domains on my adsense account that I dont recognize

    I would contact google about it.
  4. Jan

    Less Posting Moderation

    Well that didn't work did it ;)
  5. Jan


    I think I have located it. You were looking for a host for your forum right?
  6. Jan


    What was your other username? We can merge them for you.
  7. Jan

    Banned strike

    Awww, they're special now :D
  8. Jan

    Officially Dead

    I thought you were going to bring it back to life ;) How's that going :D
  9. Jan

    Upgrading / Migrating to other forum software

    I had a newsletter from theadminzone.com today announcing they have switched to XenForo. I see they have a lot of discussion threads on XenForo there :)
  10. Jan


    You were locked out before your "holiday" ;)
  11. Jan


    So for payback you bullied all of us members?
  12. Jan


    We still do :) Sometimes one or two slip past our screening of them.
  13. Jan

    Best way to promote my photography?

    Photography pages on facebook are extremely popular, certainly the way to go :)
  14. Jan

    Who is using windows 8?

    John I don't need to see the windows 8 part now that I have start8. The machine is no faster that my previous one.
  15. Jan

    Upgrading / Migrating to other forum software

    Go back to vb3 :angel: At least inline moderation works!