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Web hosting community

      • Discussions 25,374
      • Messages 213,999

      Free web hosting requests

      Get a free website from free webhosts.
      Latest: Free Web Hosting Request Sep 19, 2017, kattyme
      • Discussions 13,599
      • Messages 73,334

      Free web hosting offers

      This is where free hosts (including file hosts, image hosts, forum hosts, blog hosts etc) may advertise their services. One new thread per 7 days allowed only.
      Subforum: Host Announcements
      • Discussions 1,186
      • Messages 15,404

      Free hosting discussions

      Where we discuss free hosting.
      Latest: Is Shared Web Hosting is Better Sep 19, 2017, VPS9
      • Discussions 6,160
      • Messages 69,145

      Web hosting requests

      Request webhosting and get offers from webhosting companies.
      Latest: Need NL RDP Sep 22, 2017 at 7:19 AM, Exmasters-Mark
      • Discussions 29,548
      • Messages 39,142

      Web hosting offers

      Webhosts can advertise what they offer or plan to offer. 1 thread per webhost/week (seven days) only.
      Subforum: Host Announcements
      • Discussions 1,115
      • Messages 16,573

      Web hosting discussion

      Where we discuss everything related to shared/virtual web hosting.
      • Discussions 3,471
      • Messages 35,131

      Dedicated Server & Reseller Requests

      Request co-location, resellers, VPS and dedicated servers.
      • Discussions 637
      • Messages 8,764

      Dedicated hosting discussions

      Where we discuss dedicated servers, vps, co-location and related topics.
      Latest: Select Dedicated Server Hosting Sep 22, 2017 at 7:24 AM, Exmasters-Mark
      • Discussions 1,458
      • Messages 20,189

      Host Talk

      This forum is dedicated to owners of web hosting companies who can come together and discuss different aspects of running a web hosting company.
      Latest: Which is Good for SEO ? Sep 19, 2017, kattyme
      • Discussions 3,736
      • Messages 28,341

      Free Services

      Discussions (no ads allowed!) related to free webservices and tools other than free webspace. For instance: free email.
      • Discussions 2,917
      • Messages 22,096

      Ad Revenue

      How to earn money from a website.
      Site Promotion / Search Engine Optimisation
      • Discussions 3,655
      • Messages 26,740

      Domain Names

      Anything related to domain names can be discussed here.
      • Discussions 5,204
      • Messages 44,123

      Review my webdesign

      If you want other members to give you feedback on your webdesign, post your webaddress here.
      • Discussions 3,475
      • Messages 23,894

      Webdesign / HTML

      Discussions about HTML, editors, graphics etc.
      Latest: PowerPoint Templates Aug 11, 2017, Yam
      • Discussions 6,319
      • Messages 36,738

      Programming Help

      About PHP, MySQL, ASP, CGI and more programming related topics and how to use and install scripts.
      Subforum: Selected best free scripts
      Latest: Wordpress WWW problem Jul 25, 2017, tongdainoibovn
      • Discussions 14,943
      • Messages 242,962

      General Discussions

      Drop in to discuss whatever you want.
      Subforum: New member introductions
      Latest: 24/7 Hosting Support by APC Hosting Sep 25, 2017 at 4:30 AM, belinda
      • Discussions 3,647
      • Messages 35,210


      Discuss anything related to computers and get help with your computer problems.
      • Discussions 11,619
      • Messages 46,655

      Ads & Offers (not web hosting)

      Special offers and ads. You may post 1 ad per week (seven days). You may not post the same offer more than once.
      • Discussions 1,816
      • Messages 22,243

      FreeWebspace.net Feedback

      Let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback about FreeWebspace.net.
      Latest: One time fee for more ads Aug 13, 2017, Richard
      • Discussions 931
      • Messages 33,045

      Test things out

      If you want to test some of the features of this forum, please do it here.
      Latest: test thread Sep 26, 2017 at 12:44 AM, zomgmike