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    You Have Downloaded

    Is it even legal to save IP-addresses with time stamps? o.0 It's definitely not in my country. And people might get confused because, like the facebook comments on that page say, there are dynamic IP-addresses. They might think someone of their family downloaded something nasty... One more...
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    any "(clan) sponsoring marketplace"?

    Hello :classic2: I was wondering if there is any website where clans or other groups can ask for sponsoring and where sponsors can offer their goods. Something like FWS, but more about teamspeak, game servers and free domains, with less commercial purpose but more the intent to do a good...
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    Dogs are really great friends. I just don't think I could walk a dog every day for the next 15 years so that's why I dont have one...maybe a cat. Someday. :D
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    Hello everyone!

    Oh well that explains it. I spent half an hour trying to figure out where I can set a signature :D 10 Posts hmmm :hide:
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    Any free web hosting horror stories?

    lsolats reflected Ages ago I was with ---------- or something like that. Their servers were really slow but always up so that was good enough for me. One day my account got suspended because of content that apparently was against the ToS so I wrote a support ticket asking what was the issue...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi! I discovered this website a while ago and read threads every once in a while, then signed up and now finally decided to say hello. :bandit2: Making websites is one of my hobbies although I am not very good at it, I think. At least I lack the photoshop skills to be able to make really...