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    Dedicated server with AMD?

    For AMD servers and on a tight budget, I'd suggest minimally to go for something like Dual Opteron 2216, or AMD Phenom II x4 840 These could be had for < $50 (depending on other factors too of course, like RAM, hard drive configuration etc)
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    VPS DNS question

    fsd, what you want to set up on your VPS is something called Virtual Host in Apache - and you can have multiple domains pointing to the same IP address, and pointing to different directories in the same server. How exactly this is to be done depends on whether or not you use a Control Panel...
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    What are the bacis things for choosing a good webhosting

    "Best" really depends on your own needs i.e. the types of websites you want to run and the level of support that you expect/need This goes beyond simply the disk space and bandwidth requirements though. Until you try, you won't really know - just be sure to make regular backups of your site :)
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    Free uncrowded web hosting with latest Apache/PHP/MySQL

    We offer quality ad-free and obligation-free FREE web hosting for students, hobbyists and non-profit organizations who are looking to make their homes on the World Wide Web 3GB disk space 10GB monthly transfer DirectAdmin control panel Latest versions of Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5.5 for...
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    Hosting for Clientexec only

    Just wondering - is your Clientexec database also going to contain credit card information? If so it might be better to look for at least a VPS?
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    Godaddy cheap domains

    Looks like Godaddy is doing their cheap domain deals again - this time for $1.99. You won't be able to transfer for 2 month though. And the sign up process is full of screens for optional add ons :p Still it's a good deal if one is in the market for domain names now! :biggrin2:
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    customer notification

    It does not inspire confidence When a host is not upfront about its difficulties. Anyhow it is also all the more reason more hosts ought to have Facebook and Twitter accounts - so that their users will still be kept informed should the worst happen (server down, website down, email down etc)
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    which one is better Zimbra or Google?

    Another plus point is that Google mail is on Google's widely available cloud service...meaning that you're less likely to have downtime or speed issues. But we all know how Google loves to push new interfaces down to us :p With Zimbra, the quality of service is more dependent on who actually...
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    Looking out for resource allocation abuse?

    Greetings all Aside from using something like CloudLinux, what are other measures that can be taken to monitor and stop resource abuse by users on your hosting service? Also, would access to something like this be available to only the server owner or resellers too? :confused4
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    Dedicated Server

    If DDOS mitigation is your priority, you may also want to consider getting the server from a provider that specializes in it such as Staminus
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    Fraud protection

    A few more things to add to your list :) Suhosin (for hardening PHP) ClamAV Maldetect (these last 2 for scanning your server for malware uploads)
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    SMF (Simple Machines Forum) on ---------- impossible?

    It is possible that at that point the web server may have been too busy (overcrowded?) and was thus unable to process the installation script.
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    How can I find a best wordprees hosting service?

    WordPress can be installed on just about any host providing PHP/MySQL. However, quality of service won't really be known till it is actually experienced. I'd recommend that after setting up your WordPress blog, take regular backups of it (which is trivial) so that you can upload/restore it to...
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    Is free Hosting Safe! ?

    Your best bet is to take regular backups of your websites. Even non-free web hosting services have been known to go bust or have their servers crash and lose all user data :wink2: