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    Comments please-- total redesign!

    well... i'm agreeing with you all but i am playing around with this design a bit more before i give it up. here's the design in a different (similiar to my current) color scheme: http://www.equiller.com/_ext/blue1.0.jpg
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    Comments please-- total redesign!

    I'm in the beginning stages of re-designing my site. It is hard to let my current design go; it is quite the looker. However, sadly, I have become tired of the complaints of its total lack of compatibility between anything but IE. So, as a solution, I am redesigning and relaunching the site as...
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    Review my design

    sounds good, make sure to post here when u get everything how you want it :) nice sites deserve visitors!
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    Please take a look at our site, Tinig.com

    my school paper ;) doesn't seem like much but when u think that it's a 32-page issue with 27 staff members and about 12,000 readers :)
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    Review my design

    oh, didn't even notice the scrollbar... eww.. no, i hate colored scrollbars in general-- they should be left alone.. next thing u know people will be changing my resolution to fit their needs!
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    Please take a look at this site....

    yea, center it. there is too much green. it wouldn't be so bad if there were several SHADES of green, but it is all the same. especially if u are going to have full-color pics, you need another two colors or at least some heavily contrasting colors (too much color is just as bad as not enough!)...
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    it took so long loading it timed out! i tried again, same issue. i'm on a premium broadband connection (my dad's company works with the cable company running their server and computer stuff, so we're on a special node; only like 15 systems on it compared to it being rated at 1500... hmmm, super...
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    my portfolio php and html

    very nice layout, the sites and techniques are very professional.. do you do freelance or work anywhere? if not, look into it, really. i'd like to have someone like you on my team if u lived here locally. the select-a-language splash page doesn't fit with the english layout, but maybe the...
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    Okay let me have it

    interesting site idea... but i never got past a white page and seeing "aim buddy icons" in the title bar somewhere... PM me if u get the site working, or if it is working PM me and i'll figure out what i am doing wrong-- i'm very intrigued, now!
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    my windows xp site

    oh, i like it! great seemless design, and finally one that uses an OS design to advantage and doesn't overdue it! i can't name how many mac osx sites i've seen that look EXACTLY like the os. you figured out the secret: use small, minute details, not everything! my two gripes: the xp logo in the...
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    Is this possible?

    iframes are definitely more acceptable, and useful, than regular frames (which, in my opinion and many others, should be scorched from the face of the planet) but be wary: like all the fun and new stuff out there, iframes are not supported universally by netscape and ie together, so lots of the...
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    site to test webpage speed?

    can u post the site url that you used? btw, anyone know of a site that tests Flash movie loading speed? dang, THAT would be nice!
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    Review my design

    *shudders* i hate reviewing wonderfully well-done sites, it makes it so hard! but, luckily, i found something i don't like: the colors. wait, lemme rephrase, i LOVE the colors, but u need to use them more. you have those two contrasting blues in the face, so use 'em! instead of that dark...
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    Please take a look at our site, Tinig.com

    with your design, i think your best bet would be to work a little on the right side of your site. running 1024, it looks great, but when i bump up to 1280x1024 (where i normally run) the right "kolum" leaves about a 200px gap between the center column and the right. this can be fixed two...
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    damoose, what text isn't the same size? the header font (the title, after // ~) is 12pt. everything else is 8pt. thanks for the positive feedback... hmm, what exactly do i say to all that? free brownies for all! soujirou, i wrote all the scripts myself, yes, with a tiny bit of advice from...