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10GB/100GB space need, hit 30,00000per month


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I need 10GB/100GB c-Panel server space need, very urgent..!
hit/clicks 30,00000+ per month
its http://apurbo.com, a model photography site..
My current server oftenly goes down.. from my country there are no electronic money transfer system, so that i cant buy server.
I am ready to pay from google ad.. I have 4000+ registered visitor. Need high quality fast server. There are 24,000 images in my site. Everyday i update new 100+ photo
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Nameservers are listed as littlbuger.info, site doesn't resolve though, just NS entries.

But of concern is a listing on a reviews site (http://www.jurgita.com/photographers-id146829.html) for apurbo.com

Type: Fashion: print, catalog, editorial, runway, bodypart, showroom, lingeries
Commercial: product, lifestyle, corporate, demo
Glamour: art-nude, lingerie
Types of needed models: Women; Age 14-18; Petite
Last 1 years it was at littlbuger.info.. 2 month ago littlbuger shift there service to igc hosting.. but there service is too bad.. last 3-4 days my site is down.. pls help me..
Jan, I think, seriously, it would be the proper thing to do, to investigate it and, if his images are that of minors, to contact the appropriate authorities, namely, The Police (not the band).
Unfortunately the sites down so it can't be investigated for that...

The above details are from a google seach on the domain name, and the link included.

The 3 other sites - first 2 are down and the 3rd is a dating site which is totally different from a photography site on unassigned.psychz.net (great server hostname :D )
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Pls check the attachment file.. of my January to June Month 2008 Stat.


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Jan, I think, seriously, it would be the proper thing to do, to investigate it and, if his images are that of minors, to contact the appropriate authorities, namely, The Police (not the band).

If the models are from Bangladesh, and it's legal in the country he is in.

Then that makes that void.

He'd be better off finding a host in his own country though.

Edit: I can't find anything on it though, so..
The legalities of it are a nightmare for a host regarding server, client, hosts business location, that's without even taking into account the moral aspect.

Why would someone leave a host/have their site down before getting another? Especially if the site is that big/popular/legal... Even if the performance (for free remember) sucks. Why will no other advertiser do to raise funds for paid hosting?
I think u have some confusion. Pls search Apurbo.com at google. U will get lot of about my site.
Or u may contact my Previous server admin Randy Sen of littlbuger.info littlbuger[at]yahoo.com
or Current Admin of IGC Adam, impactgc[at]yahoo.com
There are no illegal or adult content in my site.. Hope this info will help u to take decision..
If the images are truly not illegal, then 40gigs.com can host you. Please just note that the moment anything illegal goes up, the account would be pulled.

Anyway, here is what we offer:

40 GB space
1000 GB bandwidth
10 MySQL databases

Thanx for ur offer.. but i need C-panel.. My Previous server is c-panel.. And my Full Backup file is 8GB.. so How i restore to other panel..?
You upload it through FTP. You don't need cPanel to restore a cPanel backup. Only if you have the backup as a full backup that includes the databases. But you can open the ZIP yourself and re-create the databases and upload the files by hand. You can also use direct transfer, from cPanel to another host. The host would normally do this for you.
i have Full backup file created by c-panel.. as my site is down so i dont have any other option. from my remote hard disk u may restore my backup..