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5-day money back guarantee

I have never heard of a host that gives a 5-day moneyback guarantee. Most will give atleast 7+ days so that clients have enough time to trial their services.
[JSH]John;1175224 said:
I have never heard of a host that gives a 5-day moneyback guarantee. Most will give atleast 7+ days so that clients have enough time to trial their services.

It all depends. I've seen 3 days. I've seen 0. I've seen 7+.
Some type of guarantee is always good but if anything it should be at least 10 days. The fact that they are providing 5 days is better than nothing.
I think that with the countless innovation in this business, its a crime not to provide either some kind of a free trial or a money-back guarantee, which is at least 15 days.

With startup companies popping like mushrooms after rain, its important for the customer to get a feel of the service before they decide if it will satisfy their needs. This is also a chance for the company itself, to prove their value and uniqueness and gain a useful customer base. If you are sure in the quality of your product, then why not share this confidence with the rest?

Although even a couple of days are technically enough for a person to check most important qualities and features , it does not give you the sense of space and freedom to really get a feel of the host. The customer feels pressured to try everything at once and loses the purpose to keep an eye on details. Even a week seems to me as a short timespan - user can be busy or have urgent matters to attend to and the 7 days will pass in vain.

Bottom line is, should a host wants to build a reputation based on a quality product, they should give enough time to play around with it. If you start with the attitude that you don't want people to "freeload" your service for a longer time, then you probably won't get many people sticking around too :rolleyes2
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I agree--some sort of money-back guarantee is important so the customer can get a sense of the overall level service before they decide if the host or plan will satisfy their need. However, I have not heard of a 5-day money-back guarantee period; it seems a bit arbitrary. We currently offer a 7-day money-back guarantee period, but are seriously considering moving to a 14-day or 30-day period, as it seems most hosts nowadays are offering a 15-30 day period.
It is definitely not good 5 days is a too short term for a customer to get to now ho good the company works.
we offer 30 days money-back guarantee :classic2:
Unfortunately with the ridiculously-short 5 days or 7 days refund policies, most people don't even have their sites transferred over completely in that amount of time. How's that ever long enough to see how the servic is actually going to be?
I haven't even heard of someone who provides 5 day money back, it sound's like a joke seriously. You domain name needs more time to transfer. They give 5 days I guess to show that they have the option of money back. But it sound that they don't want to return money at all. I would look at a host that provides minimum from 15 to 30 days guarantee. But one thing that can change everything is customer reviews :classic2: if the provider has great reviews than you can have no worries about money back
Most customers will not ask for their money back. The money you loose on the ones who do is way less then the money you make from the ones who sign up. Try to remove all obstacles for people to sign up. As with everything: experiment. If 5 days doesn't work for you, try 30 days.
Most customers will not ask for their money back.

That is true and false at the same time. While the number of signed customers will always exceed the number of cancelling customers, you still have to show the potential client that they are safe with you even if they don't like the service. Especially for a startup hosting company - you cannot expect the people to just blindly trust you, regardless if you have the best service in your target niche. People are more prone to trying new things if they know that they have a safe way out. In the case of our industry, webhosting, you either have to provide a free trial period or some kind of a money-back guarantee or else you are most probably blocking potential sales. :rolleyes2