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9/11 commemorative $20 silver note

Sain Cai

Beautiful Daddy
I'm sorry, am I the only one disgusted by companies still trying to make a buck over the 9/11 tragedy? Seems every other channel I see you can buy silver dollars, silver $20 notes etc from these so called companies.

We dont have sales for other wars and events, they need to let this tragedy end and stop dragging it up for their own unmoral profit.:shame:


It gets better.
It's a fact that anything tradgic, or seen as a charity ALWAYS makes money. It's how these people think, money over anything.
But people are buying them? So blame them more.


Sup, Recoil here.
I agree. Too many people exploit 9/11. Mostly of course, Bush & the subsequent Iraq war (even though technically it had ---- all to do with 9/11, he still used it to start it).


That's funny (as in very coincidental, not comical), as I just saw a commercial for this about an hour ago. I agree it is very foolish - to "commemorate" a terrorist attack??? It is very crazy. :(

Sain Cai

Beautiful Daddy
That's funny (as in very coincidental, not comical), as I just saw a commercial for this about an hour ago. I agree it is very foolish - to "commemorate" a terrorist attack??? It is very crazy. :(
I was on the comp playing a game and one came on the TV. I immediately posted as the commercial was playing.


Staff member
I think its a load of ---- they should stop bringing it up if you ask me.

I mean come on dont keep reminding the people about that day


Kicking your a$$
----ing oath man. Its bad enough its being used by people as an excuse for intollerance and racism, its also being exploited by companies who want to make a quick buck.

But thats typical of the state of the World today. Everything is commercialised these days.


Wait, What?
Yeah, I kinda want to not hear about it for a while. I don't need it thrown in my face this many years later.... just makes me angry. Everything since then has been a total ----up by our government.

It's bull---- that they can try to profit off a huge attack like that.


Officially Old!
Happens all the time - GB 'celebrates' by selling poppies to commemorate those that died in WW2.

Why not let it go and get on with things instead of 'charities' with paid directors and HR departments taking money for it from people not even born and with no idea about what went on then.

We all regard these things as bad - but why are they legally allowed to cash in under the auspices of raising money for whatever reason.


New Member
I agree. It is pretty messed up how all the organizations take advantage of tragic moments to make a few bucks. I mean honestly, if you are trying to make these items in memory of the event why not just give them away instead of selling them?


Social Nutwork
I thought that whole commercial was done in poor taste. Especially when they said "See the twin towers glimmer, just like they did on that tragic morning" .. People have no respect for other people's losses.


I'm on a boat
Here is the F* commercial's website:

You know, it wouldn't be so bad if it was done tastefully and the profits went towards the families who suffered.

But it's just so tacky - the whole "Price was to be set at $39.95, now $20!" It's just cheap and nasty, I'm waiting for the "But there's more; order now and receive a FREE set of steak knives..!" It even has the crappy little video playing.

Are ANY of the profits going towards a charity?