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A question for those with forums and contributor based sites.


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When it comes down to choosing moderators and who can contribute, how do you know you can trust a user with access to the site like that? Since my sites or some of them are brand new to the public what should I do or look for (I have a website for years but this time I am trying to launch them on a bigger scale than when they were very small).


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I think choosing a moderator shouldnt be that hard of a decision. Especially if you have known someone for awhile.


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Check out The Admin Zone, lots of great tips there on how to manage a community and how to choose and manage your staff.

When I choose mods, I look at their activity on the site, their attitude towards other members, how long I've known them and their knowlege in the field. I would never choose someone I don't know.


Only take mods that are mods on other, active (or recently active) forums. There are enough around that it shouldn't be a problem finding someone. That way you know you can trust them (or not.) Search through their posts on forums they have been members at for ~2 months or more. See what their attitude is. :)


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Yeah have them as top contributors to your site. Also try and get people you know.


My site is moderated by people i have never met in my life, except of the net. I mostly choose em cause i talked to them on IRC, MSN, or AIM.

Since my site is coding related, i look at how well they write PHP scripts and whatnot.


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I find a lot advertise in other forums for their mods and admin. That is plain stupid in my opinion. Best to get your site populated and choose by observation of their habits like Chroder said.

If it is small you can probably handle it by yourself until you are ready to add others. Maybe have one other for hours that you aren't available.