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About A Flame Board


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Hey Peo,

I'd like to be a moderator for the flame board if it ever surfaces, I've been here for a while, at least I think I have. Other good canidates would definately be Ron and Keith. Heh ;)
A flame board as in to start flames at? As in OMG look how much this site sucks or soemthing of the such?
No, I thought it was a good idea because people could fight there, vent, etc and not have to cloud up the other boards. Therefore getting rid of 100+ posts between two people fighting...
I am soooo glad that there will be a separate flame board. It all got a bit juvenile on the other board far too often. Like this board Peo, by the way!
Flame board?!?!?

I know I haven't posted here for a while, but I doubt I need to remind the regulars that two negative comments I made about Web hosts some time ago incorporating the word 'sucks' started huge threads containing useless arguments that proved in the end to be an absolute useless waste of Peo's bandwidth.

I think it's important to allow people to just vent, however, your comments can be taken more seriously than intended, therefore, it's important to take caution in these situations. Although I believe in speaking your mind, I think a flame board will just cause chaos between free web host owners and users, and will eventually develop a buffer space between them.

At the time of posting these, I know I felt that I had the right to express my opinion, and that it was an over-reaction of the host owners. But indeed I could not see the whole picture. Try running your own IRC server, with a small user base. Remove one user for violation of the rules, and now, all of the sudden, in the minds of chatters, you have gone from a hospitable server administrator to a tyrannical, power-hungry individual.

These are just my thoughts. I hope they are worth something, but I apologize in advance if you find it another waste of bandwidth.