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Advertising for fetish sites


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Have a bit of an odd dilemna here.

Over time I seem to have accumulated a number of fetish sites on my hosting, many of which are so subtile people might not even realize that it's a fetish.

But I found out some time ago that Google updated their terms of service to no longer allow fetish content websites on Adsense, which is a shame because many of these sites do not openly display adult content and are as clean as FWS as far as posted content with nsfw material being posted only with tagged links. Google actually blacklisted one of the domains from adsense because they realized that it was actually a fetish site, so needless to say I am not at all happy with them right now.

For the time being I've got them on adbrite, although adbrite limits how many sites you can have on an account.

Does anyone know of other advertising networks that will pay out at least as good as adbrite does that allow fetish materials since Adsense doesn't?

All of these sites are strict about NSFW tagging, so while they do have some fetish content they only ever display work-safe content and put anything that isn't behind a tagged link. Adbrite has been okay with them so far, but that site cap is going to cause a problem if I continue attracting this type of client.


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Do you believe it's profitable?
I have the first check from Adbrite on my desk right now as point of fact. Comparing space and bandwidth they use against how much is earned back, it's a 3:1 return on investment hosting these guys as long as I can keep the ads operational. But economy of scale comes into play too, and right now I don't have enough of them to turn a profit overall. If I can get the ad situation resolved, it will definitely be profitable to host that type of site.

These clients are clients that fall in a weird gap in the advertising rules. Although technically adult sites displaying fetish images, all of the displayed content is work-safe and the community would be greatly offended if I used adult advertising- which for some reason only ever displays explicit images that are not work-safe. Google has decided not to support this type of client with their terms of service specifically barring such sites, while Adbrite is limiting me on the fact that you can only make a certain number of ad zones.


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Those types of site become self-perpetuating in drawing new clients, not that that's bad as long as your open minded.

You could try the 'adult' advertisers that let you select just how 'naughty' the ads get so you could limit to clothing suppliers that cater for fetish oriented purchases nothing too strong.