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Please review this site:
Title: Am I Cute Or Not
URL: http://amicuteornot.com

If you are not familiar with the concept this is how it works:
People send their picture to the site and visitors rate you from 1 (not so cute) to 10 (very cute). It is fun. You can leave comments on the pictures and even contact the person so there could be also a potential date.

Any comments will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


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I really like this site. Great job on it. I see you have quite a big membership base. Nice colors.

All in all for a site like this, I'd give it a 9. It looks too similar to hot or not so I have to drop a point, but with everything else it's a clear 9 :)

Great job!


New Member
I was looking through a few of the pics a lot and some of them looked fake. You may want to put "No fake pictures" - there was also a baby on there..? o_O
Thanks guys

Thank you very much for the reviews.

I still have plenty of work to do there.

Please, if there is any fake image I will really appreciate if you report it. There is a link bellow the image for for reporting it. I will scan the images and will defenitelly delete the fakes one.

About the baby pic, the image have been disabled. It should not appear anymore.

Thanks and I welcome all the critics and help I can get.

I was thinking in adding some pets categories like kittens and dogs.
What do you guys think?

Best regards


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Nice job man, but especially the idea is awesome !!

/EDIT: Just one minor sugesstion. I am just wondering - I can rate a particular picture as many times I want. Is this meant like this ?? Taking previous sentence into the consideration - it would be very handy if one could skip certain user (for which I've already voted for example) with a simple "NEXT USER" or "SKIP USER" button or something.

P.S., I've already registered (as Tadej) ...

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Contents: Adult
unique?? that's old from w2k LOL. i think we have many swedish websites about something like that. :biggrin2: