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Antivirus Softwares


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What do you guys use to clean your computer? I see ppl using Norton Antivirus and personally, i think its not good because it slows down your computer a lot and updates very slow. I own 4 computers and all are virus free unless I bump into porn sites (accidentally)

Softwares I use : Spybot Search & Destroy and Ad-Aware SE Professional.

Both are free. Another thing is that I use an ADSL modem with a wireless router, both contains firewall, so I guess it blocked all.

Suggestion on how to keep your computer clean?
i use avast! Home version which i love its quick and easy to use,(and is free), i prefer avast over mcafee and norton, however i heard AVG is good and want to try it sometime, but havent had the need since avast is working great
I actually am having a great experince with Norton..I got it for free thanks to connections with a person who works with Symantec. But i use the Microsoft Anit-Spyware for my spyware needs. I, unlike many people, have not really had a very bad experince with anything such as viruses or spyware..only on the "kids" computers and you guys know how stupid 7th graders can be on a computer! So I have to swipe that one about once every 3 months and it gets old really fast. But I have not done any major repair work on my computer...I just recently added the protection too.
I use AVG. While I won't say it is the greatest out there, it works for me. Just steer clear from bad downloads, and use some friggin common sense. Working in retail, I just want to smack customers that call and tell me they have 400 viruses found and 4,000 spyware findings and they don't know where to start. Its even better when they call and expect me to walk them through all that, specially when they are using a free online scan that only finds, not removes!

While as my life as a computer tech at the same location, I ran into more Norton problems then I ever wish to experience again. For some reason, it just hated computers. It is a great app once it is actually installed and correctly running, but thats a step that sometimes takes a bit too much effort when you are working on 30 PCs a day between 2 people. Plus, its a big on the hoggish end of resources.

I do like the one by Trend Micro. Had good luck with it all around, I am suprised it hasn't been mentioned.
Norton originally came with the computer I purchased but I soon deleted it. I am now using mcafee which is working great for right now but we'll see what happens.

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Josh Shrader
I use Pc-cillin , it runs very good, compared to norton it doesnt take up huge chunks of resources. It is very easy to update and always catches out those sneeky little viruses.
When my antivirus got virus(a long time back) i tried many antivirus softwares.like mcafee, nortan, avast,avg...etc BUT one that worked was pc-cillin..Its the best
Now, i use NOD32..its also very good & very low on resourses...its a must try:)
Check it here- http://nod32.com/home/home.htm
I don't use any on my machine, but AVG has worked well on the machines I've used it on.
i use VET, its not that expensive and does not slow the computer down like some other antivirus sotware
I use Avast Home edition along with Ad Aware SE.

I think Norton is too invasive and boggs down your machine.